Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.




Me: Yes?
She: Anthea, is it you?
Me: Well, yes, who's there?
She: The one you'd like to be.
Me: What???
She: It's not important who i am, but i got something important to tell you?
Me: Ahm, ok, and that would be??
She: You don't have to be like me. You don't have to try, it is not important. Nobody else knows me, nobody knows that i exist, they don't compare you with me, so you really don't have to take it up with me.
Me: What are you talking about? I never try to take up with anybody! I'm prefectly fine all by myself, thank you for the concern, I...
She: Shut up now please. There's not that much time, this is the one time you don't have to play somebody else, somebody stronger, you are allowed to be weak, you know. Everybody is weak sometimes. I am also. I'm not all that great as you think i am, my life is not better than yours, i'm not happier than you can be, my sun just isn't brighter than yours.
Me: Of course you got more fun!!! All the men you got, all the partys you celebrate, all the interesting people you know, all the people who like you, all the people who love you, all the adventures you experience.
She: NO! It is not like that. You know, it's like all the poeple you see in movies, you only know the great parts of there lifes! You only imagine me, and all the moments you imagine are my great moments, the fun moments. I am your ideal. The one you'd like to be, I am no person! You can't be like me, because i don't exist! There are no people having a life like you imagine me to have! Life are not only the moments in the sun at the beach of barcelona, life is also the moments in your flat typing a homework at your silly pc. You know, i have these nights too, you just don't imagine them, so you don't know about them.
Me: But.... But you got much more of the gtreat moments, the brathtaking ones, than i have and..
She: No. All the graet moments i got are moments you allready had, otherways you could not imagine me to have them, do you understand? These are your experiences, you just immagine me to have them over and over again, but it is just not like that. So I just called to ask you to let me go.
I'm tired of ruining your life, enjoy your moments without imagining someone else to have them twice as good, when actually noone besides you has them at all in exactly that way. Promise me to forget me!
Me: But I'm used to you... you are my shild, I'm too weak without you!
She: You'll learn to life alone, just like you onced learned to sleep without your stuffed animimal do you remember? You thought you'll be never able to slepp alone..
Me: (laughing whilest bursting into taers) Yes
She: And it will be just like that. And One day i'll be just a memory far away from reality. Have a nice life, hope to never see you again.
Me: WAIT! ... (beep...beep...beep) thank you...