Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Evie B.
Austin, Texas USA



Me: Hello?
Dad: Hey sweetie how are you?
Me: Dad? How are you calling?!
Dad: He let me check in. How're things?
Me: What do you mean "he let you check in"?
Dad: Evie, it doesn't matter, how are you?
Me: Um. Good, great actually.
Dad: You okay?
Me: Um yeah I think. I mean, how are you calling me?
Dad: Tell me about yourself. I want to know my little girl
Me: Dad, I'm 15 don't call me your little girl.
Dad: *laughs* Sorry. So how are you? What do you look like? Are you as attractive as I thought you would be?
Me: Dad, your freaking me out.
Dad: *laughs* Sorry. Anyway, how's the family?
Me: Good, I guess. It's tough without you. Well, for mom.
Dad: Yeah, I figured. I'm so sorry.
Me: Dad, stop, it's not your fault.
Dad: I know, I just feel like if I could have fought harder...
Me: Shut up.
Dad: Will you tell your mom to remember that I love her?
Me: I always do.
Dad: Good. So tell me about you.
Me: Ok...Well I'm a freshman in high school,
Dad: I know, I know, but what are your interests? What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Me: Really?! You wanna know?!
Dad: Of course I do!!!! Why wouldn't I?
Me: Oh it's just when I told mom she didn't really seem to care that much.
Dad: She'll come around. So tell me.
Me: Okay, well I want to be a-
Dad: Writer?
Me: How did you know?
Dad: A father always knows.
Me: *laughs*
Dad: Honey, I have to go.
Me: Please don't.
Dad: I'm sorry...
Me: One last thing. What took you so long to call? I mean it's been five years!
Dad: *laughs* the line was not short; apparently 2003 was not a good year for the living.
Me: *giggles* Ok, dad, I will see you sometime, I think. I love you.
Dad: I love you, too, honey. Oh and remember
Me: Yeah?
Dad: *voice cracking as if he's crying* Remember that I am your past not your present.
Me: Wha?
Dad: Keep me in your memories, where I belong.
Me: I understand.
Dad: And remember -
Me: Yes dad?
Dad: That living or dead, I will always love you.
Me: *crying* and me, you.
Me: Goodbye, Dad.
Dad: Goodbye, sweetie.
Me: See you on the other side?
Dad: Indeed you will.