Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

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Me: Hi Dad.
Dad: Hey, it's been so long since you last called! I've missed you. Have you had your lunch? Do you have enough money?
Me: Yeah, don't worry.
Dad: When are you coming back?
Me: I'm not sure. I've been busy lately, but I'll try my best to. I need to tell you something, Dad.
Dad: What?
Me: [pauses] I'm sorry, Dad. I'm sorry I left you. I'm sorry I can't see you everyday. I'm sorry I caused you so much pain when I moved out with my mother. I'm sorry I lied to you so much. I'm sorry I haven't been more honest to you about how I felt.
Dad: ...
Me: Don't ask me why I left, I do not know why. But one thing I know for sure, and will always be sure of, is that you love me, and for that I am both grateful and guilty. I haven't been a good daughter to you, and I do not deserve a father like you. I hope you can forgive me for all I've done. I love you, Dad, I love you with all my heart, and I hope that it is enough. I can't take back all the pain and sorrow I've brought to you, and I hope God will forgive me each time you think of me and feel sad. You do not deserve this. I'm sorry.
Dad: It's okay, there's nothing to be sorry about...
Me: It means a lot to me to always know that somewhere on this earth, someone loves me no matter what I've done, what I look like and who I've become. And Dad, all I want you to know is that I have loved you, and always will.