Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Melody Claussen
Sacramento, California USA



Me: Hello?
Mama: Hello, Buzzy?
Me: Yeah, Mama, it's me.
Mama: You're voice has changed so much. You're my big nine-year-old girl now, huh?
Me: Yeah, nine years, seven months and (pause) sixteen days. I'm almost ten.
Mama: Did you get the card I sent you? Sorry I couldn't send you something, but I'm still looking for a job.
Me: Yeah, I got the card. Butterflies are my favorite.
Mama: I almost got you one with a rabbit pulling a man out of a hat.
Me: Silence
Mama: You know I love you?
Me: Yeah.
Mama: You know I miss you?
Me: Then why don't you come home?
Mama: You know I'm trying to get better. I've been dry for almost seven months.
Me: Why don't you come back here and finish drying out?
Mama: It's hard to come back when you've been gone for so long. Gets harder every day. Sometimes I think you're all better off without me. I made you miserable when I was there.
Me: We're more miserable without you.
Mama: Really? Are you, honey? Because I'm miserable, too. Minnesota's a horrible place. I'm going to pack my bags this very second and head right back to California. I promise to never have another drink as long as I live and I promise to live well into my seventies. Sound like a deal?
Me: It's a deal!