Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Sherry E.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina USA



Me: Hello?
Dad: Hi honey, how was school today?
Me: Ok. My painting got chosen to go on the bulletin board.
Dad: Of course it did. You're a really good artist. Your mom sends me some of your drawings.
Me: I am, I guess. I like to draw so I don't have to think about why you haven't visited me since I was two.
Dad: Well, your grandpa told me I wasn't welcome. Didn't you know that?
Me: No, I didn't. I wish he hadn't done that, but you're the dad and you should have told him to take a flying bite. Sounds like it was just a convenient way for you not to bother.
Dad: I'm sorry, honey. Last time I visited, it was Christmas and there were so many presents for you under the tree, I felt bad that I only had one.
Me: Oh, another excuse, ok. All those presents for me were bought because mom and grandma feel guilty that I'm the only neighborhood kid without a dad in the house. They try to make it up to me by buying me lots of stuff and letting me do whatever I want, even if it's obnoxious.
Dad: OK. I'll come visit you at least once a month and, if your grandpa says anything, I'll just tell him you're my daughter and I can see you whether he likes it or not.
Me: That would be so great. I'm sure if you do that, then we can avoid that phone call you're going to make to me when I'm 16 where you try to reach out and I just cry and hang up on you.
Dad: Oh good. That doesn't sound like a good thing at all.
Me: It wasn't. And it might also help me to be able to form relationships with men when I grow up instead of always dumping them before they can dump me.
Oh, and then maybe grandma and mom will stop indulging me and help me learn that there are many more important things in life than stuff.
Dad: Let's plan on this Saturday. I love you and want you in my life.
Me: Thanks. I want you in mine. You'll be saving me a lot of pain later on.