Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Grampa Seth
San Francisco, California USA



Me: Hello?
Ness: Jesse? Hey. This is Ness!
Me: What's goin on Ness?
Ness: Sorry to call so late.
Me: It's O.K.
Ness: I was--.
Ness: What?
Me: It's totally O.K.
Ness: What is?
Me: Calling so late.
Ness: Oh, that's good. Were you sleeping?
Me: No. I was just reading.
Ness: That sounds nice. That's exactly what I wish I was doing right now. Reading.
Me: What's wrong?
Ness: (Pause) What are you reading?
Me: I just started--.
Ness: You still reading The Outsid--.
Ness: What?
Me: No, I finally finished that yesterday. I started Franny & Zooey. Have you read it?
Ness: Yeah. I read it in school.
Me: It's so crazy. I mean, I read it when I was younger... When I was twenty or something. And it meant so much to me. And now I'm reading it again and it's like... It means even more to me now. But I don't really remember it at all!
Ness: I love when that happens. That was like that when I re-read this book called Half Magic.
Me: What's it called?
Ness: Half Magic. It's about these kids who find a coin that grants their wishes, but only half of the way. Plus they don't even realize that it's the coin that's affecting things. God I should really read that book again.
Me: I wanna read it.
Ness: Really?
Me: Totally.
Ness: Why don't--.
Me: Let's--.
Me: Hello?
Ness: Hey Jess?
Me: Yeah. I'm here.
Ness: Look, I gotta go. (Driving sounds in the background)
Me: O.K.
Ness: I'm so glad you were awake.
Me: Me too.
Ness: I'll see you on Sunday, right?
Me: Totally. Yeah. Should I pick up a coupla pumpkins or do you wanna buy them on Sunday?
Ness: Let's buy em on Sunday.
Me: But what if Cala only has retarded ones left?
Ness: Then we'll make retarded ones.
Me: All right.
Ness: Sleep well.
Me: You too Ness. G'Night--.