Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Los Angeles, California USA



[ring ring ring]
me: hello?
Jon: Hey Gwendolyn! I just wanted to say hi and how are you?
me: haha but you call me almost everyday! and i'm good, nothing new. and you?
Jon: Same. nothing really going on.
me: oh..haha..that's cool i guess.
Jon: Hey, um, can i tell you something?
me: Of course. fire away!
Jon: well, i understand if you disregard what i'm going to say, but just listen okay?
me: Alright, don't worry i'm listening.
Jon: [deep breath] okay...I know sometimes i could be a jerk--
me: No, you're not I--
Jon: --and i know i've hurt you, and that sometimes you hate me, and that maybe you want to let go of me completely, or you think i'm leading you on--
me: Well, it's only--
Jon: --but you should know that....I love you. I love you, Gwendolyn, regardless and i've been missing you..I don't care if you don't believe me or you think that i'm leading on...well, i do because I'm not. And i don't want you to somehow get hurt again, but that's not the point i'm getting at! [laughs] I love you, i'm in love with you and i wish i could just hold you forever and stay by your side...i don't care how corny i sound..it's been bugging me for awhile
me: hahaa...i..do you mean it?
Jon: [sarcastically] No, i'm just kidding.....yes! i mean it!
me: [smiling] well, I'm in love with you too but i think you already knew that.
Jon: It's nice to hear you say it.
me: haha..you know sometimes, i wish i could be there for you for everything. I wish i could make all your problems go away and make you happy.
Jon: But you do make me happy. Hearing your voice is enough for me and i look forward to sharing my day with you. I love that you ask about me.
me: You're really a nice guy, Jon. I mean, sure, every guy has his "rough side" but I think you are a genuinely nice guy. It seems to me like you put yourself out for others and you try to be there for them no matter what, even if it hurts you. and i really like that about you.
Jon: aww..thanks Gwen. You are quite the lady...madame..haha
me: oh hush up!
me: Okay, this is going to sound maybe out of the blue, but whatever, I'm going to be brash and ask if you want to give us....a second chance. Maybe start over, forgive, and forget?
Jon: I was actually going to ask you that next...but i'm glad we're on the same page..
me: well?
Jon: I just don't want to hurt you again.
me: Like i said, start over, forgive, and forget. We won't bring up the little glitches.
Jon: Well then, okay. Another shot at us.
me: One condition though: if this goes wrong, even once, for whatever reason it is, and we break up, we'll stay friends. Nothing more, nothing less...unless we decide to drift apart.
Jon: I don't want to lose you Gwen...but I have one condition too...That in this second chance we hold nothing back, we be completely open and honest. deal?
me: alright. deal.