Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA



Dad: Hello darling
Me: Hi! It's you dad!
Dad: How are you? How old are you now? Where are you?
Me: I am 22 dad. Hey you know how you told Allan that you were going to be there for your daughters 21st birthday?
Dad: Yeah I remember
Me: Well, I know you couldn't be there, but I managed to go and visit him soon after I turned 21 and he told me that story.
Dad: How did you see him?
Me: I was riding my bike up the East coast of Australia dad. And I was able to because you taught me to ride a bike. I still have that scar on my knee.
Dad: I remember that fall, you only got the scar because you refused to put antiseptic on it.
Me: Well I wore your red socks all around the country. I still have them, they are famous those red socks. People remember you by them.
Dad: How did you turn out?
Me: Pretty independent, adventurous, compassionate, I think outside the square. Mum said I got the 'do things for yourself and don't worry about anybody else' quality from you.
Dad: It served me well. I got to do the things I most wanted in life.
Me: I know. That inspires me. I've found that many people will tell you how impossible things are, but you just gotta use that as a motivation to do all the fun and crazy stuff.
Dad: Are you happy?
Me: I miss you so much.