Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

MingYieh Lee
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA



Him: Hello?
Me: Hello?
Him: Hi. Haven't talked to you in a couple of weeks.
Me: I know.
Him: Yeah. So. How have you been?
Me: Fine.
Him: That's it?
Me: Yeah. You know. Fine. How about you?
Him: I've been really good. You know, contrary to popular belief, actually working really hard here, you know, straight 72 hours no sleep.
Me: That's good, that's really good. That you're working hard.
Him: How was your weekend?
Me: Awesome, you know, hooking up with the entire campus and such.
Him: I didn't say that.
Me: You assume it, if I can remember from our last conversation correctly.
Him: Since when?
Me: Okay, here goes a re-enactment. "How have you been? Have you met any guys? Who've you hooked up with? 3 or 5 guys?"
Him: Fine.
Me: No, not fine. Fuck, I haven't touched anyone since I've been here, since you know, maybe I kinda sorta really love you and miss you and everything. And here you go, acting like a saint and acting as if I'm going to be the one to cheat and fuck with this relationship. 752 miles, what did you want me to do? I called you everyday, I wrote letters, I tried. You tell me the last time you called.
Him: I figured you would call me when you needed me.
Me: But that's the issue. I can be without you, I can be emotionally stable without you and big fucking surprise, I don't need you. I'm surviving without you. I guess that's all I wanted to say to you, really.
Him: We never really talked after we broke up.
Me: The conversation lasted less than ten minutes. You broke up with me and hung up.
Him: I know.
Me: I wanted to talk.
Him: Why don't we talk now about it?"
Me: I've told you what I needed to say,
Him: Can I still say I love-