Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Dallas, Texas USA



me: hey there.
j: hey baby. whachadoin?
me: just watchin tv. what are you doin?
j: ah. i cant get online for some reason, and i dont want to f*ck with it. i did, however, want to talk to you.
me: really? about what?
j: well, nothing specific. i just wanted to... talk. hear your voice.
me: oh. okay. cool.
j: so how was your day?
me: good...
j: is everything okay? you seem like you've been kind of reserved lately.
me: reserved?
j: yeah, like holding back something.
me: oh, well. yes. i guess i have. but it's nothing bad. well. it shouldn't be bad. but it could be. it just depends.
j: on what?
me: your reaction.
j: oh... well spill it already.
me: i wish we were online. it's so much easier for me to type this stuff out.
j: type it out on your lappy, and then read it to me.
me: i was talking the other day to ***** and was listing all the qualities that you have that are like the good parts of my exes. and then i kept listing more of your characteristics, things you do that i didnt find in the others.
j: this is bad?
me: no. it's very good.
j: okay, so what's up.
me: i'm not finished.
j: sorry.
me: so - i realized something.
me: all my life i've had everything scattered. all my ducks were all over the place. and now, it seems like i've got all my ducks in a row, but one.
j: oh.
me: it's kind of in line. but i'm not sure.
j: you're unsure of that duck?
me: no, i'm afraid of telling that duck that i want him to complete the picture.
j: really?
me: yes.
j: so if that duck got on his knees and asked you if he could complete the picture, like he's been thinking but was too scared to tell you that's what he was thinking, bc you're so strong, and seem so independent, and it didn't seem like it was anything you wanted any time soon... you'd say yes?
me: if you were here, and you asked me that question, i'd say yes.
j: okay. so. can i come over?
me: yes.