Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Andi N.
San Francisco, California USA



jordi: (beautiful, gentle voice with spanish accent) hello, andi?
me: hello--this is andi
jordi: andi~ it's jordi calling you
me: jordi!?
jordi: hellooo~
me: wait a minute-- hello!
jordi: hi!---
me: hi!
jordi: i'm calling you from d.c....i'm sorry it has been too long since we saw each other
me: it's wonderful to hear you
jordi: yes, it's wonderful to hear you... (mutual laughter)
me: oh my gosh! wow- it's so good-- i've missed your presence & many times i've looked at the sky and smelled this fall air & knew that you would understand--
jordi: ah, yes- it's beautiful! i miss our walks & the beauty of our time together...i've missed you, andi. i have been thinking about you very much.
me: thank you. mmmmm...
jordi: i want to tell you many things, but i would like to know if you might meet with me when i'm coming back to stanford next week, if you have time perhaps? or i know you're very busy...
me: yes...
jordi: i'm sorry, but i just learned that the organization is sending me to this conference, so i thought it would be wonderful if we could meet..
me: oh- that would be lovely, jordi.
jordi: wonderful..wonderful. uh-- i'm arriving on tuesday and leaving unfortunately on friday, so it's not very long, i'm sorry to say...
me: oh~
jordi: but i will have time in the evenings and if you would be free, i would like to see you whenever possible during my stay, if you'd like?
me: it would be a great pleasure to connect with you, jordi, and share time.
jordi: yes-- i feel the same way, andi.
me: so, i have tuesday or thursday evening free, but unfortunately i have dance rehearsal with that awesome butoh dance collective i told you about on wednesday.
jordi: oh, yes- at my party- yes, that's wonderful, congratulations...so you're dancing with them?
me: yes, well-- we're working on a piece that hopefully we'll perform in a few months- so it's a long-term project, but yes, i'm really really happy to be connected with them, and it's really feeding me as an artist. it's very powerful.
jordi: that's so wonderful, andi. i will want to know all about it-- and perhaps you can dance and show me some of what you do?
me: (laugh) okay-- i think i can do that! it would be a pleasure to try to dance for you. or with you, perhaps!
jordi: i don't know if i can dance butoh, but i will follow your lead.
me: great!
jordi: and so i will come into town tuesday evening, and may i invite you to dinner that night then?
me: that would be awesome.
jordi: would 8:00 be good?
me: perfect.
jordi: okay, so i will come then & i will have a car & we can talk about where you want to go.
me: delicious.
jordi: yes-- it is delicious.
me: (laugh) okay-- thank you for calling, it was so nice to hear you, and to reconnect. i'm excited we'll actually be able to see each other after so many months.
jordi: yes, and i regret again that we didn't see each other before i left after the party-- i will explain more to you when we meet-- but i'm sorry, it was so hectic & many things were happening inside that i was not able to process at the time.
me: that's okay, really, i'm glad to hear you say it-- and i'll look forward to understanding more, hearing more what was going on for you. yeah- it was hard to not really feel like we said goodbye.
jordi: yes- and i regret that. i hope it wasn't hurtful to you. i want to explain myself.
me: thank you. so, we will dine soon!
jordi: yes, see you next week, andi!
me: great!
jordi: take very good care!
me: you too!
jordi: ciao, bella...
me: ciao, bellllo.
jordi: ciao....