Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Jai Sadeghi
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA



me: hi.
him: [cheerily] hey duder, how's it goin'?
me: remember that time, when I slept over in your dorm, and I had to wake up at five a.m. the next day so your dad could help you move your shit back to Jersey for the summer?
him: [silence]
me: I remember. That night we watched a movie on your computer. You made me smores in your roommate's microwave.
him: [silence]
me: ‘cause you couldn't find a gas range... with real fire... to make the smores.
him: [pause]... [sternly] yeah.
me: is it true, you're moving to California soon?
him: [still stern] yeah.
me: after you leave Pittsburgh, I'll never see you again, right?
him: [pause] no.
me: have you forgotten me? ... I think you have. You act that way, like you've forgotten. Like, selectively blocked it out or something, you know? ... I'm sorry, it's been a long time, and I probably sound like some obsessive freak but-
him: [interrupts] I haven't forgotten you.
me: [silence]
him: [silence]
me: ok... hey? Listen.
him: [silence]
me: I won't forget you.
him: [silence]
me: you know how I know why? because we met over scrabble, and I never forget a game of scrabble.
him: you forgot to mention that it was your first time having smores.
me: huh?
him: that night you slept over in my dorm. That was the first time you'd ever had smores. I remember that. I take full credit for introducing you to smores.
me: [silence]
him: I won't forget that. I never forget my smores. So I won't forget you either.
me: maybe we'll see each other again.
him: maybe.
me: then... ok. [sigh] Ok then.
him: [silence]
me: [pause] bye?
him: [pause] bye.