Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Anne Schneider



neighbour: hey, it's me!
fräulein: oh, hi...... I,... ehm... yes ?
neighbour: what are you doing ? you sound kind of distracted. are you busy ?
fräulein: well, yes. actually I am really busy....listen, could you call again later ?
neighbour: no - not before you've told me why you're so busy...what are you doing ?
fräulein: I am waiting for love.
neighbour: ...
fräulein: ...for quite a while now. for the great love of my life. or just, only love. like I told you - I'm busy.
neighbour: but that's exactly why I'm calling !!! you don't have to wait any longer ! it's here. it arrived yesterday !
fräulein: love arrived yesterday ? where is it ?
neighbour: yes, it's in my house. you weren't at home yesterday, so the postman rang at my door and gave it to me. come on over now and get it ! I guess, I have to help you, the instruction book ist quite heavy.
fräulein: ...but,...now ? I'm not prepared ?!
neighbour: honey, you're never prepared ! but don't worry. it's only the instruction book. real love won't be there until you've read chapter one : how to love yourself !
fräulein: I am a fast reader . did he tell you a date when they will deliver real love ?
neighbour: yeah, in two weeks from today ! but be sure to be at home this time !
fräulein: oh, I will !!! ooh la la, I have to go and get a bikini waxing. I'll drop in tomorrow. now that I know it has arrived I can just relax. I know it's there.
I am so glad you called !