Learning To Love You More




Assignment #52
Write the phone call you wish you could have.

Jennifer Young
Ithaca, New York USA



Me: Hello?
Nick: Hello .... Teddy Bear Systems Activate!
Me: Activate!
Nick: I actually don't have time to talk ... I just wanted to let you know, um ... remember that workshop thing I was telling you about? The one that my friend got me into in New York?
Me: Oh yeah! The cult. The summer camp for people who want to not have their souls crushed.
Nick: Yeah, that's it.
Me: I'm so jealous! I would kill to get into that.
Nick: Weeeeell... as it turns out, my friend has another spot open. He asked me to recommend someone, and I kind of recommended ... you! No killing necessary! Teddy Bear Delight!
Me: Are you serious? You're serious? Is there any catch?
Me: I'm so excited! What's the schedule again?
Nick: Well I forget exactly, but the first week you make a film and then the second week you have to do improv and then ... there's something to do with fashion and of course lots of songwriting ... but, hey, you know what's funny?
Me: What?
Nick: This may be kind of strange but those things aren't even the things I'm most looking forward to. I mean that's very good for the soul and all but it's the little things in between. Like my friend says he's going to fill all the tubs at the hotel one night with peeled oranges. Kick off one of the weeks with orange baths.
Me: Ha! I'm SO glad I get to go! Are you excited? We're going to have so much fun!
Nick: Yes. Teddy bears will have fun. But, um ... there's something you should know. I will sort of NOT be there?
Me: What?
Nick: Well it's not my rules. We can't be there at the same time as it turns out. You can't be there with someone you already know.
Me: This is starting to sound borderline weird. I mean, why not? Is it REALLY a cult?
Nick: Ha ... no. It's just that the objective is to be yourself as completely as possible and meet as many new people as possible at the same time. And the people running it figure that old friends might get in the way of that. Which is a crazy idea I think -
Me: I don't. People should get to do this all the time.
Nick: I agree actually. I don't know why I said that.
(We both laugh.)
Me: Ok then! So I'll see you after the new friend party!
Nick: New friend party! Ok, I guess I should get going.
Me: Hey Nick! Wait!
Nick: Oh, ok. Yes? Teddy bear?
Nick: Anytime.