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Assignment #54
Draw the news.


Click on an online daily news page such as Google or The New York Times. Pick a person from todays news, for example, I chose Interior Secretary Gale Norton, who resigned on the day this assignment was written. Type the person's name into Google Image Search. Using a colored pencil (just one color) copy several images from Google Image Search, forming a loose medley. For example, I would draw a tiny picture of Gale Norton giving a speech, and a large close-up picture of Gale Norton looking down modestly, and one of her holding a plaque with a man, and there is another picture, one that does not feature Gale, but depicts environmentalists protesting her arrival. All these pictures together form a nice portrait of Gale. Use three or more pictures and make sure they all pertain to your person, not someone with a similar name. Underneath the medley, draw a banner with your person's name in it and the day's date, for example, my banner would say:
Interior Secretary Gale Norton
March 10, 2006

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