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Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

C-Hiss Sonya
Claremont, California USA



Sent to: Claremont Courier, Los Angeles Times, LA weekly
Student Miffed by Peer's Seating Choice
For Immediate Release
November 14 Claremont, California
Due to a series of mildly unusual circumstances, college student Sonya C-Hiss, usually the first to arrive to her digital art class, arrived 10 minutes late. This was, she thought, the last in a chain of disappointments that preceded her tardy entrance. "I didn't even have enough time to get a ring pop. I always eat candy in this class," she lamented in an interview with investigative reporter Sonya C-Hiss. However, upon entering the class, Sonya was taken aback by the site of another student occupying the seat which she, not unreasonably, is rather possessive of. The establishment, and even marking of personal territory is a practice often seen in nature and society, often enforced by the law. While Sonya had no legal or officially mandated claim to the chair and accompanying work space in question, she believed her unwavering history of sitting there was enough to signal to potential invaders that the space was already claimed. Though clearly displeased, even irritated, Sonya refrained from commenting on the injustice and has chosen to express her frustration in alternative, more obscure venues. Her written statements on this topic are best summed up in her own conclusion, "Sure, he had the right to depart from his territory and experiment with new seating choices, but when he exercises those rights in such a way that they infringe upon my rights to NOT explore...that's not exercising rights. That's exercising wrongs."