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Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

St. John's, Newfoundland CANADA



Press Release
ATTN: News Editor
Cats Demand Food, St. John's Resident Grudgingly Concedes
St. John's, Newfoundland, 04/26/2007-
Around 8:00 this morning, St. John's resident Rebecca Cohoe ended a bitter domestic stand-off with cats Matty and Roxy, by meeting their demands to be fed.
The conflict arose earlier in the day, moments after Cohoe awoke from the past night's sleep. Ringleader Matty's protest began with agitated meowing. Next, he and Roxy stationed themselves near the door to the kitchen, where the cat food is located.
Cohoe admits she was taken aback by the cat's actions: "I hadn't even had a shower yet, and had no intention of entering the kitchen without getting dressed and brushing my teeth."
The situation escalated when Cohoe approached the cats to use a nearby mirror. Matty sprung into action, rushing to the kitchen in frustrated anticipation. Cohoe was not impressed. "I don't understand why they insist on making such a fuss every morning", Cohoe admits. "I could count the number of times I have forgotten on one hand, and I have had Matty for nearly eight years."
Still, Matty's act of resistance was successful. Realizing the cats would not cease till they were vindicated, Cohoe grudgingly filled their food and water bowls. She conceded that the cats were well within their rights in asking to be fed, but believed they could have been more diplomatic in their approach. Matty and Roxy were unavailable for comment.
Sent to The Globe and Mail, Toronto, The Evening Telegram, St. John's Newfoundland, and The London Free Press, London Ontario.