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Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

Colin Self
Portland, Oregon USA



Sent to The Olympian, The Stranger, and The Oregonian
Students Colin Self and Jen Mittelstadt Clean Kitchen
March 11th, Olympia, WA
Around noon today, two students at The Evergreen State College cleaned their kitchen in an attempt to improve the cleanliness in their home. Colin Self had just woken up when he came to find Jen Mittelstadt leaning over the sink washing the dishes that once ago filled the sink.
"I just decided to get it done. Colin wanted to help but I had already started and there weren't really that many dishes," says Jen, a Junior living on campus in Housing N208.
After a short discussion, the two decided to further expand on their pursuit of cleanliness, and began working on a brief list of projects. After taking out the recycling and trash, Jen came back inside and Colin had began to clean out the fridge. Reporters state that it took a good ten minutes of scrubbing and wiping down before the contents of the refrigerator could be returned to their sub-temperature climate.
According to both Colin Self and Jen Mittelstadt, the cleaning operation they took charge in doing was simply out of their combined pleasure for cleaning, resulting in an unbeatable satisfaction and clean home. Both students are avid cleaners in their household, Colin even making efforts to start up his own community cleaning service. "I'm trying to get going on an independent cleaning service around Olympia, called Colins Self-Sufficient Cleaning. I've done a couple of jobs, but it really hasn't taken off yet like I'd want it to." Colin preceded to talk more about his cleaning ambitions as he got down on his hands and knees and finished cleaning the linoleum floor with a sponge.
"I came into the room and they had the contents of the refrigerator sorted out on the floor. On hands and knees, wearing bright yellow rubber gloves ... [Jen and Colin] are angels among earthly humans." says Rose Thor, a roommate and friend of Jen and Colin. The appreciation for their cleaning has been repeatedly expressed by the roommates throughout the term, as Jen and Colin have collaboratively become the most famous mild-mannered workers of their housing.
"We really just like it all around," says Colin "It's kind of nice to get pleasure from cleaning because the opportunity is always there again and again. It's so great!" The two cleaners have plans to continue living together and cleaning in the following term at The Evergreen State College.
For contact information for either Colins Self-Sufficient Cleaning, or for the individuals in general, you can call 503-502-6804, or email at selcol15@evergreen.edu for more information.