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Assignment #60
Write a press release about an everyday event.

Todd Westcott
Hamilton, Ontario CANADA



Publications to which the release was sent: The McMaster Silhouette, The Toronto Star, The Guelph Mercury, The Guelph Tribune, The Toronto Sun and The Hamilton Spectator
McMaster Student Marvels at His Place on the Planet Earth
March 21st, 2007 - Hamilton, Ontario
Upon waking in the morning, McMaster University student, Todd Westcott, age 20, marveled at discovering that he was still alive and fully functional. Having this occurrence described by, Mr. Westcott one understands the ramifications of the persistent existence of a physical body, which is apart of the Earth. Venturing outside to begin his day, he describes being "acutely aware of the temperature, the wind, people and plant life around [himself]". Having been alive and awake the day before, Mr. Westcott is surprised when his fragile existence continues into the next. Consequently, his having awoken contains the inspiration which motivates him throughout his day.
"It's overwhelmingly beautiful to have your place in the world described to you by the confines of your own existence: eating a piece of toast is a wonderous thing! I mean really - how does the body eat? How does your eating connect you to the world? I mean it doesn't stop in the stomach - and it's the same with everything else!" Incredulous was Todd's mood when pondering the possibility of an existence that is bounded only by the physical and mental limits of an individual.
20 years, 10 months and 22 days ago, Mr. Westcott began his life with this same sort of wonder; constantly feasting from sources of sustenance and reveling in the ability to perform daily functions. However, at some point in the first six years of his experience his focus was diverted to a variety of manufactured things: films, toys, and produced narratives began to define his existence. Shaping him in new and undesirable ways, these constructions of the culture into which he was born, removed him from the source of his joy: his place in the Earth. By the age of 14 the trivial pursuits which Mr. Westcott was supposed to be occupied with began to cause him a degree of difficulty, resulting in the last 6 years being a pursuit of those things he came into the world knowing.
When asked how he feels regarding his renewed ability to love the intricate simplicities of a human existence he commented that it was: "unfathomable that human beings endeavour after anything other than their immediate worldly connection." Encouragingly Mr. Westcott would like to relay that this experience is possible on a daily basis for everyone on the Earth. He persists in describing this undertaking as a worthwhile endeavour, despite the difficult obstacles in one's path, insisting: "it's the best thing you could do with your life!"
Hoping to continue his experiences with regards to Earthly life, Mr. Westcott expressed intends to continue breathing for a good, long time!
Questions, comments or further information can be obtained by contacting Mr. Westcott via:
Phone: 905-393-3993
E-mail: westcot@mcmaster.ca