Learning To Love You More




Assignment #61
Describe your ideal government.




My ideal government is a system in which everyone gets equal chances. Education will be free, so everyone will be able to go to school and everyone learn to think for themselves. They will also learn to make their own choices. Everyone will be able to do the jobs they like and there will be enough doctors, plumbers, accountants, dentists, teachers and more. Museums, which also play a part in education will also be free. Other cultural institutions, like theatres, will also be free, because the play an essential part in the community - there will be music everywhere. To finance this plan, everyone has to pay taxes, but the poor people pay less than the rich people, so there will be no inequality. At least they don't have to pay taxes for defence, because world-peace will exist, because if all countries in the world decide to choose this ideal government every country will stop building weapons of mass-destruction, stop fighting and start de-militarising. Then, a military is no longer needed. The environment is also an important subject for this government, because we still want our children and grandchildren to be able to live normally in this world, without having to worry about floods or the earth getting warmer. People will drive in hybrid cars, bicycles or travel by public transport (which is also free, to promote travelling by public transport instead of cars). The government will promote environmental-friendly forms of energy, like wind- or solar energy. Forms of energy which provide a danger to the environment will be prohibited by this government. To protect the environment, people will have to pay environmental taxes, just like they have to pay educational and cultural taxes. No-one will detest paying these taxes though, because everyone gets a lot back from the government and there will be happiness everywhere.