Learning To Love You More




Assignment #66
Make a field guide to your yard.


This assignment is for people who haven't spent much time with the land around where they live. So if you have planted a big, beautiful garden, that is terrific and you should go do another assignment. The rest of you are people who may not even really have a yard - maybe you live in an apartment and the yard is maintained by someone else, or maybe you just have a parking strip that seems to belong to the city. Maybe you live in a dorm and the "yard" is in the quad. Leave your home with a camera and big piece of white cardboard. Look around. Each time you see a new kind of living thing, put the white cardboard behind it and take a picture of it against this white background. This will be easiest if you have a friend who can hold the cardboard up. Take photographs of every single different growing thing that you see. Notice grasses, weeds, flowers, trees, insects, birds, cats, dogs. You don't have to identify what anything is, just take a photograph, as if you are a scientist on an island that no human has ever set foot on before.
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Make a series of 3-7 photographs.