Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Los Angeles, California USA



I had about an hour between classes and decided to stop off at the student center to take a dump before my German class. I went up to the men s room on the second floor because I knew there was little traffic in there and also that it wasn t a cruisy bathroom. The handles on all three stall doors were broken so I tested each of them and found that the first stall door had the tightest fit so I could shit in peace without having to worry about the door swinging open. I walked into the stall, grabbed the door from the top, and shut it tight. As I brought my arm down, my hand snagged on a piece of metal that had split off from the door. My hand started to bleed so I took some toilet paper to press against the wound. The toilet paper quickly got soaked, so I left the stall, walked over to the sink, and rinsed it off. I debated with myself for a minute or so trying to decide if I needed to go to the health center or if I could just take my dump and go to class. The wound just looked to be too deep to carry on with my day so I walked across campus to the health center. Three hours and 12 stitches later, I left the health center and was finally able to take my dump.