Learning To Love You More




Assignment #11
Photograph a scar and write about it.

Jill Stanley
Canton, Georgia USA



This tiny scar resulted from my own stupidity. A couple of months ago I worked on a photography project that utilized grass as an interior space element (wallpaper, table, bedspread etc.) It was all quite silly and heaps of fun. On this particular day I'd constructed and erected a 4X4 foot grass wall against a door in my apartment. Several factors made it necessary to shoot the picture that day: the live grass was precariously secured on a slab of plywood with the aid of wire and nails, the friend I'd asked to participate in the picture could only help me on that afternoon, and the lighting equipment I'd checked out from school was due back at 6:00PM. Since I was using film for indoor lighting conditions, and not wanting to bother with mixed lighting, I needed to block out the sunlight peering through my windows.
With the aid of sheets of plastic that originally covered the floor (security deposit recovery plan, insect catcher), I stood on a chair to tape the plastic over the windows in my living room. All was well until the chair tilted on its back legs. I went up in the air. I cursed. The mighty window sill broke my fall when my shins collided with its edge. I cursed, again. Now I have a bizarre photo and a nifty scar on my left shin.