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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Brittany Bly
Houston, Texas USA



Brittany's dei by Dad (Benjamin J. Bly, II)
First I go to bed. I go to bed too late. Then I get up too early. But I love my job. Why is my job so early? Thank heaven it's only part time, so, some day's I get to sleep in and get my beauty rest. Since, I am very beautiful, I need a lot of rest. I stumble out of bed and try to find the shower. I look at the stuff growing in my shower and I say, "I'll kill that tonight when I get home from work." It always seems to survive somehow. I don't get it. Mold will out live the earth. After getting my shower and handling other natural stuff, like brushing my teeth. I make my self a breakfast. I used to drink coffee, but as much as I love coffee, it doesn't love me. So, I make myself a cup of hot tea. Tea is good for you. Did I tell you I spend time telling everyone how good some foods are for you and some are really bad for you? There has to be something else here to eat. I spend time rummaging around for something else to eat.
Well, I select clothes that are just right. I gauge my mood and dress accordingly. Most days I dress so I will be busy all day. These dresses are very busy. But some day's I am on edge. These clothes have sharp corners and they cut those that come too close. On occasion, I am carefree and relaxed, at least one day a year, these are my relaxed jean days.
Off to work, I spend quite a bit of time at the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Even when I am not at work, I go there. I have sole mates there. Of course, I live in the heart of Houston surrounded by people like myself: vocal, vivacious, vegans with verve. At work, we meet in the morning to go over what's new in our lives. Since it is all about me, I want to talk about the many things that are happening in my life. But, I am so shy. So shy, that I cannot tell these people the things they should know about me. I spend much of my date planning for exhibits and new attractions. It's hard planning an art exhibit for Neanderthals. I want to be the attraction, but I repeat myself, I am still much too shy even though it is later in the day. Oh well, the end of another day trying to drag Houston from the 19th century to the 20th. I wouldn't dare share with them it's 2004.
Off to the apartment. My cat greets me. My cat loves me. Kira rubs up against me. Since, I didn't feed the cat before I left, Kira may just want some food. Nah. I put on a record. I love the old records. They don't make Beatles, or Simon and Garfunkle any more. So, I don't have to worry about having the newest albums. Besides, the vinyl will be collectors items when I'm old.
Eric gives me a call when he gets off work. He is a starving artist. He has lost weight to prove it. He says, hey. And I say what are you planning to do? He says would you like to do something, since he knows it's all about me, he asks what I want to do. We meet at my apartment and talk about what is new with tofu. Tofu is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It can be shaped like a turkey or a Brussels sprout. We spend many hours trying to divine the next logical step for tofu. We get on line and Google all the tofu sites.
It's late. So I get ready for bed. Kira is ready for a good romp now so I distract her with a treat. After getting ready for bed, I read a book about the history of tofu. It is so wonderful to live in the modern age. I am hugging my book when I fall to sleep.
- - - - - - - - - -
Busy Life by Brenda K. Bly, mother
Brittany rises at 7:15am and plays with her cat, Kira, for a while. She takes a shower and gets ready for work, eating breakfast if there's time. She leaves for work at 8:40. Her job as an assistant to the student and family education coordinator requires her help in the planning of activities at the museum and following up with educators involved with those various activities. She attends several meetings per week. After work, she might go home to attend to Kira, go to the university to do research, or run errands. She is involved with the Art History Association at U. H. which takes several hours per week. Evenings vary, sometimes watching a movie, sometimes socializing with friends. In her spare time or on weekends, she enjoys outings to movies, art shows, shopping, daydreaming, and worrying about her future.
- - - - - - - - - -
I am the Artist by Ben, brother
Sleep Hours ?
eat vigan foods time?
work At? Time?
scool At? Time? Courses?
Laundry Time ?
Drive Time?
friends ?time ?
other ???