Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Tammi Covarrubias
California, USA



Older Brother
I Believed my sister was career driven until my nephew (who is the cutest 2 yr old in the world) came along, now I think she works just to challenge herself - as if a 2 yr old isn't challenging enough. I believe she goes to school to keep from being bored with the same routine. Her hobbies are Picture cropping and snowboarding and she likes to travel (just not in a car). Currently I believe she is spending a lot of her time remodeling her Home. The End.
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On Monday, Wednesdays and Thursdays she does engineer type things which I haven't a clue about but I know its important because the things she does works. On Tuesday and Fridays she is taking care of her son, playing with him, reading and teaching things to him that he needs to know, and working on her art assignment for that Wednesday in between. She also tries to get in a little scrapbooking to preserve history and record her son s life and growth. On the weekends time is for family (Husband and Son) and church. Every night before bed Tammi reads her Bible and spends time in God's word. Being a full-time wife and mother plus working 3 days a week doesn't leave much time for outside activities. One other thing I know Tammi does every day is give her little dog Joey a few minutes.
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I envision your life as a juggling act with 4 major balls in the air; God, family, work and other interests that are helpful in broadening your horizons. Obviously one or some are more important than others but a balance of all 4 is key to your sense of achievement and fulfillment. Being the best wife and mother, using God-given guidelines, is of primary importance so requires the most commitment of time and abilities. Work is obviously required to maintain a certain desired lifestyle, so you give 100% while doing that. The outside interests currently being pursued include enhancing present skills and talents to meet future aspirations. Educational pursuits are included in this time segment.
Overall, you are not content with status quo, but are continually stretching yourself to reach new goals or higher levels of achievement, spiritually, relationally, in the workplace and academically.