Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Jessie Brown
Milton, Florida USA



From my husband:
As requested by my wife, what does my wife do? I can see getting into a lot of trouble not watching my words so let me begin. Before I can actually describe what she does I must make mention of who she is. My wife is in a word industrious. What I mean by industrious is that she never stops, there is always a project at hand or an assignment due that she is currently working on. If asked in a casual passing, what 'cha doing? The one word you would never hear her say is "nothing. To say she spends a lot of time in front of a computer would be like saying we as people, breath a lot. It is her tool for work and school, an access point to endless amounts of information including but not limited to, research, weather, news, chatting with friends, colleges and family alike, the current state of our Union and the current TV line up, upcoming movies as well as what it playing at the local theater. The computer is her link to the world around her, so much so that the only time she is not in front of it for any amount of time is when she has to leave the house and be with me, or when she goes to bed. I do not complain because the alternative, a couch potato who has no interest in life but the next show is all too likely in our countries present way of life. I will say this, I have never really had a problem with her and her computer because when it is her and my time together it is exactly that and if I need her time she makes it a point to not neglect that need.
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From my stepson:
I think what Jessie does all day is finish school, flash programs, cleans, and work. A lot of times in school she goes to meetings and works on Web Sites. The flash programs she works on is a lot of the time, games, and for web sites.
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From my son:
My mom works everyday to try to be the best mother she can be. She also tries very hard to keep caught up on her work. My mom does all her school work with all A's for I know. She is very out going also. That's what I think about my mother.