Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Douglas Dickel
Porto Alegre, BRAZIL



Iris (mother):
Douglas lives in Porto Alegre, lives alone. He has two cats that he lives with. This is too complicated... I never could express myself very well. What Douglas does? I have a son who lives in Porto Alegre, who is 28 years old, lives alone. Likes music, and I think that music is one of the things that he likes doing the most. He likes to write, as well. He's very good with words, with writing. He has this ability to write down feelings and things of life, I don't know... What does he do? A lot of things. He has a girlfriend that he likes a lot, that helps him a lot, doensn't leave him alone, since he's living far away from his family. She gives him a lot of attention, she is very affectionate. He does a lot of things, right? Besides working he does Yoga, plays soccer, too. Likes photography a lot, made an exhibition the other day, don't know how to say, he showed his pictures...Makes electronic music, wich is very different for me, because in my age we like another types of music. Not that I don't enjoy it, I think some are very interesting. This is hard. I don't know very well what does he do at work. I know that he takes things to the lawyers, they ask for the lawsuits and he takes it. He never told me quite right what it is that he does.
- - - - - - - - - -
Lemos (stepfather):
I think that he's a intelligent guy, who likes a lot to study, a guy who dedicates a lot to work, who does... a guy who likes music, that has that musical gift, a person who doesn't go out a lot, but knows where he's going. He's a guy who likes to write, likes to play music, likes music, likes poem. He's a very friendly guy, very observative, wich is important, to observe the other human being. But he's not talkative, not very open, because he likes to speak with sureness.
- - - - - - - - - -
Tunnie (girlfriend):
Douglas does art with his body and mind. His photos are so good, and the feelings that he puts on paper are amazing. He works too much in my point of view, brings out all of the feelings of the pictures that he takes and combines it with music, wich he does wonderfully. Cooks very well. Makes his mother proud, just like me. Fondles me like no one else in the entire world, earns everything he gets and makes thing spark everywhere when he's near.