Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Tiffany Lee Brown
Portland, Oregon USA



hmm right now I say you are sipping a glass of wine, while sitting outside somewhere, looking at some squirrels or perhaps listening to the ocean. I think you spend a lot of alone time in your head or writing, now that you away at the beach. Plus plenty of time in the car too, driving back to see your honey. I bet you love to sit on the beach in solitude and listen to the ocean crash as you watch the sunset. Then you will go home (where is home now? by the way) and perhaps you'll get inspired and want to paint. You'll listen to some music and read a book before you go to sleep.
Or maybe you take your laptop with you to the beach as I imagine you spend most of your time-tied to it.
- - - - - - - - - -
That's weird, to try to imagine what someone else does with their time....there are days that I don't know what happened to my own!
I assume you spend a certain amount of time sleeping, driving, grocery shopping, preparing and cooking food, maintaining the stuff you own - the basics of life, I guess.
I know you spend a lot of time on the computer, either writing or working for CSC or communicating with friends and family. I imagine you must spend time thinking about WHAT you are going to write. You spend a certain amount of time with your boyfriend and/or his daughter. You may spend time writing and/or playing music, and I'm sure you spend time listening to music. You like to go camping, and thus spend occasional time doing that, as well as traveling, both for business and pleasure. Right now, I don't think you're spending any time entertaining, but I imagine you will, once you're settled in your new digs.
That's all I can think of....
- - - - - - - - - -
I think my niece, the famous writer Tiffany, spends her time like this;
2 hours per day, late AM, at a cool coffee shop-art gallery, researching her own mind for possible pieces to write while sipping cafe, pretending she's in Paris and looking at other beautiful cool people.
2 hours per day on the internet, smoozing jobs and emailing other writers to see what they are writing and contacting editors that love her amazing work with new ideas...
1 hour per day internet researching info for something she is actually writing...and
1 hour per day actually writing...then she stops to make an elaborate tea ceremony, and eat 3 crackers and 2 small slices of hard cheese, 3 olives and 1/2 cookie (for a sugary pick-me-up) this takes up a good 45 minutes...
Then she needs to take a short walk, daydreaming about where she can live where she only has to write, this requires slightly less than an hour and also allows her to examine other's gardens.
1 hour on the phone, connecting, being charming and clever to whoever she needs to be clever for.
1 to 2 hours in the garden, gardening, digging and planting and transplanting. It's good for her and she gets some of her best ideas for short stories while she is "hands in the dirt"...
Dinner with cute but mature boyfriend discussing intellectual ideas and new hangs in up and coming areas in Portland that used to be funky but now are getting cool.
Bedtime, she tries to sleep but has to keep a pad by her bed as great ideas roll in late at night.
Get up and do it again.