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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Midlothian, Illinois USA



Bob Calder (Jaime's brother, age 17)
I would think that Jaime would do just about all the same things at school that she does at home with her time. She probably just sit's around listening to silly punk/ska music.
She will go out with her friends and sit around coffee shops talking about the event's of everyday life.
But as far as what she is actually doing, I have no idea. It's been a minute since we've last talked.
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Rick Calder (bro, 18)
My sister jaime probably sits around all day reading books, and watchin tv. Then she would go to a coffee shoppe and sit around like all the other weirdos that go to coffee houses.
All the while shes hangin out with friends in her room and out among the grounds. Listenen to music n drinkin coffee is what i think of when i here about jaime. I guess she does her homework, because she didnt flunk out of college. I believe shes on her computer alot because my ma always gets po'd when jaime dosent write back. Target for some reason jaime loves, its an alright store but it aint that great, shes a member and buys alot of crap from there. Its pretty much the only place that jaime will shop at. Well thats pretty much all i can think of what jaime does in her spare time. Oh and she probably goes to the show alot because theres nothin to do in that town.
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Barbara Calder (Jaime Calder's mother)
Jaime spends much of her non-class time in the library. There she will study, utilize reference material and the computers, or just read and have a cup of tea or coffee.
Jaime is an avid reader and had asked for many books on her Christmas list. Most were read before she returned to school. Her aunt taught her to knit a couple of years ago. She also gave Jaime a set of needles from her great grandmother. It must have been an inspiration, as she knit's all the time. She made me a very beautiful scarf. Recently she purchased round needles.
Maybe I'll get a hat! Jaime really enjoys baking, her forte is scones. She can mix up a mean batch of them. My daughter loves to shop. Must have gotten that from her father's side. She will go to second hand store's and find the best buy's. She enjoys shopping for retro items and finds very good buy's. Recently she found a "coach" bag at a steal. Jaime loves cinema. When home, she will rent movies and have a video- popcorn night with us. We really enjoy those times. She has a very diversified taste in movies. She loves foreign films as well as current and the classic's. We had watched a movie over the weekend and just laughed so much. When I spoke to her Monday she said she had watched the same movie the night before and loved it as much as we did. Recently Jaime assisted a friend with the production of a video which he recieved an award for. She has many friends involved with video production and loves to help them out, and looking forward to her photography class.
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Richard Calder ( Jaime's father)
So how do you live your life? Jaime starts her day late, not getting up late, but bides her time then has to rush to class at the last minute. Breakfast is put off or done later-coffee and a bagel. Classes are one of Jaime's biggest intrest's. She truely enjoy's learning and having someone to discuss her idea's with. Reading is also a big part of her day, probably her main activity, so a good deal of her day is spent in the library. Although not alway's studying, it is an area she feels comfortable in. So afternoon's she spends with her roomate and friends complaining about schoolwork or her annoying family. I don't see her working out at the gym or swimming enough. Evenings are spent with friends. They will do homework or watch movies. Jaime spends a lot of time on line chatting and also spends a great deal of time crocheting. Not as quiet or as boring as it may sound, there is alway's music playing and a great deal of sarcastic wit to keep everyone hopping.