Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Jonna Iacono
Providence, Rhode Island USA



I think you are reading, writing, worrying, and thinking. While you are doing these things, you are probably also doodling in the margins of papers, or on post-its. Faces, words, lines, shapes. Or singing made-up songs, which is really a vocal way of doodling in the margins. You are thinking of the way things should be and are not; depending on what kind and size "things" are under discussion--something personal, something global, something trivial, something major--you may feel any number of ways about that. I can't predict that--I am not good at knowing how you'll feel about any given thing at a given moment.
You are making new friends, and I'm taking the liberty of focusing on a past example here; you have always shown a flair for drawing people to you that is unparalleled by any others in our family. As part of this, you are probably having long discussions that range from the very light to the very deep, eating, hopefully dancing. With others or alone, you will be listening to a lot of music. Not because you are, in the words of some yokel I spoke with a few weeks ago, "addicted to media", but because you are highly curious and creative and just plain interested in the world around you, mediated or otherwise.
You are also awaiting responses to a rather strange request you made of your family members.
- - - - - - - - - -
Jonna spends a great deal of her time reading and doing research for papers she has to write for the classes she is taking towards her Ph.D.
Between research at the library and online, she does not have much time left for other pursuits.
Was what I sent for the question on how you spend your time, sufficient to get the job done. I could have said, "I have no idea but I do know it's not spent thinking of me."
- - - - - - - - - -
You mostly read. You sit on the bed and read, move to the chair and read, move to the couch and read. You talk to the cat and pet her belly. You call your girlfirend a lot. You also check your e-mail, and check the NYtimes -- and look around the web for interesting information. You clean when you are home and are not reading or on the computer. You go and drink coffee and read. Sometimes you rent movies or TV shows: things that are special interest, like documentaries about women or places or time periods. You prepare for your classes and attend your classes. You go out for drinks with your friends. Sometimes when you have a lot to get done you hang out with Laurel and do work with her. On Thursday nights you watch the OC with your lesbian friend who lives around the block. You call your sisters from time to time, but when they call back you don't answer the phone.
You are loved.