Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Katherine Estacio
Seattle, Washington USA



Stephanie (sister):
Katherine, my sister, there is so much to describe about her. She is into art and law. She is a very very good artist, she is very goal oriented, trustworthy, and thoughtful. She is really busy with all the work and school that she has to keep up with, so it is kind of hard to get a hold of her because of all the busy stuff she has to do.
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Thomas (good friend):
The fancy of the male populace and the envy of the female gender! j/k Kat is a blend of exquisite beauty and brains. A rare find indeed! I've only known Kat for a short while but her impact on me and her friends has been tremendous. Asking me to describe this lady is like asking me to explain why the sky is blue and why the sun is bright; impossible. To put it in simple terms, Katherine is a wonderful friend, a hard-working employee, and a diligent student. She's a very busy woman who seems to always be on the go yet able to somehow juggle work and school, and still be vibrant and accommodating to her friends at the same time. Just talk to this woman and you'll get this sense that she has a keen understanding of what her goals are and how she plans to accomplish them. On a personal level, she's an affable and easy-going woman with a big heart. This woman definitely has style. You can never go wrong when you ask her for fashion advice. Simplicity seems to be her most profound virtue but equally important is her ability to listen to other people's problems and offer sincere advice that is deeper than Dr. Phil's She's also very intelligent and a no non-sense kind of person. She has clear grasp of the things happening around her be it politics, social issues, or literature , yet she doesn't rub it in. She also has a wickedly fresh sense of humor that's totally unique. Others may find it shocking but those who are close to her enjoy it. Truest in every sense, Kat epitomizes a woman of substance, bearing and essence. She is one of the nicest and most thoughtful people I know, and that you'll ever meet! Truth is, I have all the respect in the world for her.
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Let Me to Introduce my Daughter Katherine Estacio (Line) My daughter Katherine is the most encouraging person in my life. I always wanted her to go to collage and she made her diction go to U. of Washington. She took up a foreign language (Japanese) and took up art, which is her favorite subject.