Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Sue Palmer
Glastonbury, Somerset UK



1. Lecturing students on drama and probably inviting participation in drama workshops.
2. Extensive research and preparation to enable the above and to initiate other creative projects.
3. Keeping up with friends and chilling out on the rare occasions when time permits.
- - - - - - - - - -
I think Sue spends much time researching the various projects that she is involved with, either with her teaching or the arts. She loves to cook, lie in the sun, swim in the sea, visit and support her friends. Her creative talents enable her to make her own cards producing original ideas. She is always looking forward to the next project, especially in the art world. Gardening is a must and she loves visiting gardens to find new plants.
- - - - - - - - - -
It appears that you struggle to get up in the mornings unless you are wanting to watch the sun rise. To try and awaken your senses you spend time in various yoga positions whilst humming to yourself. You have a light breakfast, shower and dress always choosing a scalf to wear and an appropriate hat!
In term time you read several books and discuss many issues in depth with friends and students adding colour and interpretation to all things, which are so amazing! You spend a lot of time walking, on the beach, and studying wildlife. You are very observant and watch peoples mannerisms and are able to read body language very well.
You are very good at expressing yourself to others and getting other people to think about and express their ideas in creative ways. You are interested in technology, spending time on computers and with video recorders, and cameras. You love to travel, and any spare 10 note can be used to take you to various countries and start you off on new adventures where you enjoy experiencing new cultures. You love the sun, spending time with friends, with a Bacardi and Coke and shades! You like to interact with children and treat them as equals, which enables you to have a very close and unique relationship with them. Art, creative drama, photography and singing are all important to you and you love to interpret lifes issues through these mediums.
You are a bit of a night owl, and according to our detective, love to party! You like to live life to the full and are not afraid to try anything, or go anywhere!