Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Meghan Gatens
Jersey City, New Jersey USA
Email Meghan



Meghan Dear,
I think you work very hard at your job even though I 'm not too sure what your job is. I know you are in charge of follow up studies evaluating new drugs and presentations to medical groups which often involve traveling with a group from Pfizer to discuss them and their effectiveness in treating certain conditions. I also know that there are peaks and valleys in your work schedule and that the down times are hard to take.
I believe that you take karate lessons at night and have a close circle of friends with whom you presumable socialize at night and weekends. Much of your heart is still in Pittsburgh where you visit on occasion. And much of it is also at the Jersey shore where you would spend the entire summer on the beach if you could. And you 're about to move into your own apartment alone and am open to possibly buying a home.
I am no doubt prejudiced but I feel certain that whatever you do you do it well.
Love you so much,
- - - - - - - - - -
Aunt Patty
Right now, I think Meghan is wishing she didn 't have to go to work for corporate America tomorrow. Once again, she 's thinking of a way to be able to afford teaching biology as a career. She 's thinking about having to wear stockings again and then gets distracted by something better, which is probably on the computer. Meghan is wishing she had gone to kickboxing this morning. Then she wonders if she should move to Europe.She 's thinking about how cool she 'd be if she lived in Europe. Then she smiles thinking about how Martha Stewart is going down. What should I have for dinner tonight? There 's no way I 'm drinking tonight. Should I have broken up with...? I should probably move to Amsterdam. She picks up the phone and calls JT about their next vaca. Hey, JT, wanna follow (fill in the band) around Europe this summer?...I know, but I heard there are gonna be lay-offs, and I have a good chance! She makes plans to go to Fanwood. Grandma will teach her some knitting stitches. Grandpa will talk to her about her pension. They 'll separately slip her cash. One of them will drive the scariest mile of Meghan 's life to get her back to the station. She 'll wish she had a car. She 'll get back to Jersey City and be grateful she doesn 't have a car. As she walks the street back to her apartment, she 'll think about how she loves Jersey City. She unlocks her apartment door, checks her email, signs on to IM and types. She thinks about moving to San Francicsco. The phone rings. Alright, I 'll meet you there. Maybe there 'll be a cute boy there. I feel so fat. I should 've gone to kickboxing. Maybe just one drink.
- - - - - - - - - -
Weekdays- wakes up and gets ready for work; commutes into NYC and has something to eat once arriving there- only 1 cup of coffee so she doesn't have to pee all day and every 2 minutes. Checks her phone messages and email. Now her day varies- if she has an active project going on she gets busy coordinating important study reports and schedules meetings and phone conferences. If there is no project demanding her attention she shops online most of the day- or window shops, so to speak; and converses w/ friends and family online.
After work she goes home and eats whatever she finds palatable- maybe pasta or cheese and bread. She talks to friends on her cell phone and sends text messages. Some days she meets friends in the evening and goes to the bar or hangs at their apartment.
Meghan loves music and attends many concerts and hears lots of bands at clubs and other venues. She loves to go Bulgarian dancing. She sometimes experiments w/ her creative side by taking on a craft project or adding art to her life in some form. She reads a lot.
Bedtime is early, say about 11:00. Sweet dreams.