Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Sharon Senser
San Francisco, California USA



My Aunt
Sharon is finally working as a Media Specialist. This is something that she has been trying avery hard to do. She enjoys working with the children and really gets into her work. Her free time is spent with her boyfriend and exploring San Francisco.
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My Mom
Those who know Sharon well know that she is the master of multi-tasking and at any particular moment is involved in several tasks. Typically she may be assisting a child who has come into her library, while simultaneously e-mailing 3 friends, perhaps also shuffling some papers on her desk, picking her lip, and anxiously worrying why she is feeling anxious at the moment. Even while asleep Sharon is busy processing the days events in the form of vivid dreams. Now that she is no longer taking public transportation to work I wonder if she is still reading, taking pictures with her cell phone, and making important phone calls while enroute to the library where she works as the Children's Librarian. In her off time, which she has more of now, since giving up her second job, she will most likely be found with one of her many friends and/or boyfriend at a show, a movie, or a club. If the mood to go shopping hits her she will head to the nearest Thrift Shop. She may also be found in her small apartment working on some artistic creation which will run the gamut from wearable art to photography projects to affordable homemade gifts for her many friends and family members. In short Sharon goes at a pace that not many can keep up with. She will do and accomplish more in one day than most people do in a week.
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My Brother
I think sharon gets up in the morning, brushes her teeth with her all natural toothpaste, puts a brush through her hair and is ready to face the day. She then leaves her apartment and catches her train/subway/bus or whatever form of public transportation she uses and heads to oakland for work. on her ride she simultaneously eats her bag of jones chips, listens to some music on her portable device, reads a 150 page book, and pulls half of her lip off. while at work i think she organizes a lot of books and loves it. i think she probably does a lot of work on the computer and prepares different types of fun activities for the kids. after her day of work and her afternoon bowell movement she is ready to go home. she probably talks to some friends to see if there is anything exciting that she may want to partake in for the evening. she will get a nice bite to eat at some type of ethnic take out restaraunt and head home to relax for a little while. if there is a show she wants to see that night she will head out for that, if not she might have a nice relaxing evening with her male friend or maybe a few of her other companions. all in all, sharon had a good day, she did a lot of thinking, probably over thought many topics.