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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Elise Irving
San Francisco, California USA
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My sister, London
elise gets up late, walks to work, and pretends to make business calls from her desk whilst drinking a variety of italian coffee and scouring friendster.com for anything of note. (this is always a futile effort.) although she 'works', 'a lot', she has more than the requisite two days off and thus devotes her ample non-phone call making days to pursuits closer to her heart: drinking, drinking with friends, ben, snapping pictures and playing with the mac's digital photography buttons. she talks on her cell phone often, usually while moving, or 'on the move' if you prefer. seemingly constantly in transit from points A, B, C, she is usually found en route to point A, B, C. she takes lots of pictures with a variety of digital and analog cameras and then fiddles with them. she has artsy dinner parties with many friends and party art shows with even more. she still discusses critical theory and the avant-garde as if they were pertinent to something more than critical theory and the avant-garde. she takes this as a sign and writes high-brow personal statements to apply to graduate school. ben makes extravagent dinners with special equipment while she doddles around thehouse and yells something unimportant at him through two rooms. on quiet nights they stay in and watch bloated, pseudo-epic hollywood productions* together. it's love.
*See, for example, Armageddon (1998).
Kristen L. Irving
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My mom, Huntington Beach
What does Elise do with her day?  She gets up, takes a shower, shakes her hair, applies make-up, gets dressed, and  has a cup of coffee before she leaves for work.  Elise walks, rides the bus, and walks to work.  At work, she answers phones, works on the computer, interacts with her coworkers, eats lunch at her desk, answers phones, works on the computer, interacts with her coworkers when at 5:30 she leaves.  On her way home, she may stop for a drink, dinner with friends, shopping for food, calling Ben, buying flowers, and finally gets home.  OR she leaves work, goes to her studio, works on her photographs, and/or paintings/ and/or art and THEN goes home OR she leaves work, goes to the gym, works out, and THEN goes home OR she goes to class (whichever the night is) and THEN goes home.  Greets Ben or doesn't greet Ben because he's not there (at a gig or practice, etc.) takes a shower, reads a book, and flops into bed.  Good night!
Love, Mom
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My dad, Huntington Beach
Elise's day begins with early rising and eating no breakfast. It is all she can do to make it to the local Starbucks for her first caffine jolt of the day. She then takes the bus and walks up hill to her job. There she deals with innumerable problems of providing support for design teams and making sure that deliveries, storage and inventory of all materials are carefully noted. Every now and then she has a frustrating conflict with a co-worker and marvels at the other's incompetence.
All the while she is working on these needs, secretly in her private thinking, she is dreaming about opening her own studio with her own art. She would like to explore new techniques in photography and be able to capture the soul of a scene on film. She realizes that besides working to pay the bills there is a need within her spirit for artistic expression. What her muse tells her I don't know, my guess is that she is called to expand her vision for life and take part in some form of creative expression. 
After her day at work she occasionally goes to her studio or helps a friend with an artisic installation. When she finally comes home she is greeted with a spotlessly clean house, and a well prepared dinner thanks to her associate, Ben. 
All in all, Elise has a wonderful life, she has been blessed with intelligence and talent, an excellent job and amazing parental units. I'm sure Elise is thankful for all she has received and the good things yet to be.
A disinterested party.
R. Irving