Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Abbey Hendricks
Denver, Colorado USA



My Husband:
How does Abbey spend her time, you might ask. I look at this question in a different light. I see the question as, how does Abbey's time spend her? To understand my answer to this question, you must first understand Abbey. Now this is no easy task, but I will put in such a way that almost anyone could understand where she's coming from. First, Abbey is a woman who manipulates time with no thoughts of leaving a hiatus for rest. Second, Abbey is a very vivacious woman. And thirdly, she doesn't like to watch me waste our time, which is a prosaic routine in our life.
Well let's start the charade of how Abbey's time (Including me) spends her. Since she doesn't have weekends, it only seems proper for me to describe 'my' weekend with her. To start the end of the week, she generally works late on Friday night. This time consists of her helping some of the most rude and inconsiderate people to ever walk the earth (which is something that she will never admit to). Ah, the wonders of the tourist industry. After her 'wonderful day' at work, she hits the road, for one of the most spectacular commutes known to Denver residents. Imagine one hour of bumper to bumper traffic, starring at nothing but cookie cutter homes, then high rise buildings, orange cones, shifting lanes, millions of brake lights and smelling nothing but car exhaust.
Finally returning home, only to see me either half asleep or watching some odd movie, she gracefully walks in and says, 'Hey Babe, How are you?' She then finishes night by watching the last of the movie, which she really has no interest in what so ever. And even though she has no interest, she somehow gets sucked into the movie and becomes one with it. At this point nothing can get in between her and the movie, no conversation nor occurrence can tear her away. After the movie ends, we hop into bed and quickly try sleep all of our past worries away.
The next morning, Abbey wakes and is anxious to begin a new day, showing that there is no such thing as too little sleep. She then tries to wake me with a question, 'So what do you want to do today?' My answer as usual, 'I don't know honey' (I never know, I'm half asleep). After the morning routine of the breakfast eating, shower taking and hours of primping, she starts planning out the rest of the day. She makes grocery lists, checks her email, and quickly dismantles magazines for her art projects (A whole other story). Soon after I rise from bed, Abbey asks me to eat some sort of hot breakfast, which ultimately I turn down for a bowl of cold cereal. Waiting for me to get ready, she makes her way down to check the mail, starts the car and waits for it to warm.
We then make our way to a shopping center, so that we may purchase some item to vicariously help make our lives easier or even possibly harder. Who knows, but we do have a latent plan for what that product might be, oddly enough. After what seems like hours and hours of window shopping and trying on outfits, it is time for lunch. We usually just eat some sort of nasty mall food, which we know is terrible for us and ultimately gives me terrible stomachaches, but we eat anyway. After our late lunch, it is time for us to do some grocery shopping.
This usually entails us going to two separate stores, one for cheap healthy stuff, and yet another for expensive bad stuff (Why those combinations, we have no idea). Anyways, she always grabs our 'hippy bags,' cloth reusable bags, and an assortment of plastic produce bags we've collected over the years, and off we go. I think this is where Abbey seems to have the most fun, searching for the perfect tomatoes or finding the healthiest trail mix. Finally, we head home and replenish our supply of food.
Minutes after our arrival Abbey seems to have hunted down some new recipe and placed it upon a note card for our next feast. We then will typically spend at least one-hour preparing dinner. This usually includes some sort of spinach salad (Abbey's food obsession). Full of food and languid from shopping, we then to end her weekend by watching a couple of comedic shows. After the shows are over we make our way to bed once again sleep away all of our worries. Abbey is to then return to work the following day, either early in the morning or approximately midday. Her weekends are never the same, and it can be seen that she never gets the same days or times off. So in conclusion of how Abbey spends her time, I would simply have to say it spends her.
- - - - - - - - - -
My Mother:
My daughter experiences bursts of joyful inspiration. She creates mini works of art to bestow upon friends, relatives and co-workers. Cutting bits of foil from recycled packages, bright snippets of ribbon, and colorful pencils as tools only a true craftsman could appreciate, she deftly assembles these cleaver tributes. A bit of glue, a glittered star, a kind word placed just so... Arriving by mail, each creation will incite a gasp of surprise. And each recipient shall be uplifted by the spark of genius created in an instant of her sheer love.
- - - - - - - - - -
My Sister:
Abbey is a very creative person. Her days are probably spent searching out new innovative ways to either live her life or help other people's lives. She is very artistic and finds ways to entertain herself and express herself daily. I would imagine she doesn't realize how much of an artist she really is.