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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Rachel Hennon
Savannah, Georgia USA
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Jerry (dad, 42)
Rachel rolls out of bed in time to dress and go to basketball practice.She selects the right music for the drive to the gym.The music picks her up and helps her to get going.Her music has meaning to her because she likes the lyrics as much as the music.She likes artists who have something to say. At basketball practice,she takes the game seriously but always finds time to cut up a little with her teammates. After practice,it's back to the dorm for a shower and a bite to eat before class.During class,she is attentive and takes good notes during the lecture.She starts to worry though about upcoming assignments,tests,and projects.She needs to work and prioritize more and worry less. After classis over,Rachel needs time to chill out.She does this by driving around listening to music or going to eat a good meal.She may stop and shop or go to a park or the beach.She is very philosophical and needs down time in order to sort out what to work on next,how to solve a problem,or work out something bothering her.She may file her problem away and escape for the moment.Inspiration comes in short bursts for her.Sooner or later she figures out what she will do. Reflection time is over and she must get to work.Back at the dorm(if she can get in),she prepares to study.She stays in the room if it is a light studying night.She knows there are distractions in the dorm.She may end up listening to a new cd,watching a movie,or having a deep discussion on the meaning of life or who is the most handsome boy on campus. At crunch time or if she cant get into her room,she is at the library.The library is where she gets the most work done.She leaves there with a sense of relief and accomplishment. Back at her room she works on a project if she is inspired.She may e-mail or phone friends and family on occasion.She always has a message on her phone but she is tired or may not be in the mood to deal with the caller.Maybe she has a little snack and then off to bed.Sometimes she says a prayer.She goes to sleep knowing she is loved.Especially by her Dad.
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Blake (brother, 22)
Rachel wakes up most mornings and begins break dancing immediately. Unlike most of us who stare in anger and disbelief at the clock or make several false starts at getting up or fruitlessly try to return to that pleasant dream, Rachel is a person of boundless energy who shoots up at first conscious perception of sunlight, not unlike a sprouting flower in a time-lapse scene from a nature program. She twirls, leaps and spins around on the floor, her hair disheveled, her breath harrowing, her roommate unaware. She does backflips into the bathroom, takes a quick shower and emerges ten minutes later in a cloud of steam, smelling like apricots. She has basketball practice, where she runs harder than her teammates, then class, in which she draws obese naked women who blur the line in her mind between grotesque and beautiful. Then it's a quick dinner and off to her night job as undercover star of the Savannah Police Department's vice squad. She's not allowed to talk much about this gig, but her arrest record is apparently longer than the rest of the department combined during the last six months. The perps are continually surprised by the little blue-eyed blonde's proficiency at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (the martial art of choice for tiny people, as it relies on leverage, not brute strength) and handiness with a pistol (she shoots to subdue, never to kill, a place where her compassion and moral rigor have come to an odd compromise). Another threat to South Georgia in custody, Rachel ends a hard day's work with a late night run for the border for some nachos.
This is what my sister does.
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Barbara (mom, 43)
My baby blue eyes loves to sleep. However she is in college now and must manage time for classes, basketball practice, basketball games, projects, class assignments,and what little sleep she can get. Rachel probably gets up as late as she possibly can. Monday-Thursday she has basketball practice from 8AM-10AM. Then I think if she has time she would race back to her dorm room to shower before her first class of the day. However if she's pressed for time, she probably slaps on some deodorant and dashes off to class. Hopefully she has time for breakfast to get her creative juices active. I feel she loves art school and spends most of her class time learning what she can but spending time daydreaming about the beach. When classes are over for the day, I'm sure the voice of the 4Runner is calling 'let's drive around aimlessly for awhile, we need some down time.' Maybe the voice in her head is hearing Mom saying 'be careful Honey, there's alot of wackos out there.' The wheels are spinning endlessly, thinking, seeing, formulating ideas for what will I do now. A ball of fire, a bundle of energy, the Energizer Bunny sometimes. Laid back, quiet, zonked out at other times.I wonder when she has time to eat. Does she waste alot of time? I don't see how she can. Music, music, music plays in her head in stereo. BUMBUMBUMBUMBUMBUMBUMBUMBUM! A steady beat that keeps her going. She's saying 'gotta work hard, gotta play hard, gotta have some fun soon.