Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Lindsey Glasheen
Derry, New Hampshire USA
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You are very smart and so great with computers. I wish I had your knowledge of computers. You love to sleep late and so do I. You are a very sincere and honest person. You love your cat Sneakers even though she can be mean to you. It shows you really love her. You have a very quiet side to you. I wish we could talk more as mother and daughter but I try to respect your privacy. I love the way when you don't feel well you come to me and hope I may have the answer to make you feel better. You love your computer games but I think there is a little too much time spent playing those games. I'm not really sure what you want for your future if it's going to stay in photography or something else. I think whatever you put your mind to do you will do it well. You have lots of caring friends which I think it's great. You are always very flexible which is great. By that I mean growing up if we said no you couldn't do something for whatever reason or if plans were changed, you never cried or pouted you went with the flow. In life that's a great plus because you never know when things are going to change. You are great the way you are. love mom
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I think you do:
school, currently taking photo, senior project, modern art, (I forget the other two right now !)
social visiting. parties, etc
computer games
How you live your life is:
reasonably organized, occasional procrastinator
directed largely toward school
Current focus seems to be finishing school, discussion of grad school.
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Meghan (sister)
I think you like to sleep a lot, I think you go to classes, and while you are on campus the same day of your classes you get your hw done. You work at macy's. But you don't always love going to work. And i think that you enjoy spending time w/ your friends whenever you can. While your home and have downtime you like to play w/ the cat and bring it downstairs while you talk/listen to music/play games on your computer. I think you like movies that really interest you and make you think.