Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Becky Goldschmidt
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA



Brother, Nathan
Rebecca is an artist-type. Therefore, she spends much of her time sipping unpronounceable beverages, being moody, reading alternative weekly papers, (i.e. ones with Dan Savage's column) and laboring over strange media to be incorporated into her artwork. She also likes design, and arranges living spaces in a surprisingly attractive way. Though her decorating has a distinct hipster patina, hers is a -creative- hipster patina (not just mimicry).
I suspect Rebecca spends more time than she'd like commuting between Philly and Wilmington, where she has as respectable a retail job as on could ask for at the DCCA. There she manages a nifty gift shop, and seems to do a fab. job.
I hope that Rebecca finds time to create art. I think this act is very satisfying for her, and I think she's good at it. I admit I've been unreservedly critical in the past of her work; however I recently realized I'm generally highly critical of artwork.
I could write more, but I've gotta go.
- - - - - - - - - -
Father, Fred
What does Becky do in a day? LOVE IS HARD TO SEE! On the day she works in contemporary art I think she gets up early to prepare, Drives to Delaware and works in the retail shop. She seems to enjoy what she does there and I hope she can expand her time, exposure and benefits. She lives in a loft and fills it with found art that seems to be growing. I think it cost more for storage than what she will make in its sale. I hope she can learn that life is a long hard road and that things in storage and in her life may be dragging her down. Clean out dead wood, clean up and face the reality of your existence.
We love her and know she is working hard. It is hard to see years spent learning a craft go unfulfilled. I don't see exactly what she does each day. But, I hope it is what you love to do. It's just hard for me to see.
- - - - - - - - - -
Mother, Barbara
Early morning is not Rebecca's favorite time of day. Long a night owl, Becky often is most creative in the early-morning hours. Thus, the tendency to sleep-in is tempting to her.
I believe her day begins with greeting those pets and people she loves. Then, she goes out into the city she loves with an eye to finding ‘things' to turn into art. When I look at her treasures, I see junk. That's before she organizes or arranges or otherwise works her magic and something marvelous happens. She creates beauty where it had not been before. Maybe that's her greatest strength: she sees beauty and potential when others do not.
Rebecca is a bold, compassionate, creative and courageous young woman who has gone through life experiences that would cripple many people; instead, they have combined to shape my Becky into the brave and beautiful person she is today. An artist to the very core of her being, Rebecca sees the potential for art and beauty in mundane objects often ignored by others. This gift drives her actions each day.
Perhaps she goes to her studio next. The sculptures she creates are amazing ... and the imagination that goes into them is amazing as well. I don't know how she creates what she does, or how she thinks of it. More than that—the materials she chooses makes as dynamic influence as the works she creates. She has sold many and won awards for a number or her creations as well.
Rebecca has a wide circle of interesting and diverse friends and spends a great deal of time returning their friendship. These people are as unique, creative, and interesting as my Rebecca. Her love for these individuals is admirable and she would move mountains to help them if needed.
Several days a week Rebecca is forced to participate in mundane activities. She divides her work time between jobs in Wilmington and Philadelphia – and each of her jobs involves her artistry. Whatever she does, she makes sure she returns home in time to care for her pets – both of whom are pampered and spoiled. That doesn't mean she's in for the night, though, because Becky takes advantage of all her city has to offer. That means she attends concerts, art shows, clubs, and visits with her circle of friends almost every evening. Sounds like a full day.