Learning To Love You More




Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Brittany Shoot
Boston, Massachusetts USA



Gram and Grandpa - Charles (Chuck) and Charlotte
She is a disc jockey at a radio station at Emerson University and works a late shift. She catches up on her sleep any time she can. Doesn't go home until about 3 a.m.
She entertains college friends in her home.
She has an apartment in a big house with two other persons.
Everybody does their own cooking at this "house." She's a vegetarian and eats NO chocolate.
She's an avid reader and shares some of reading articles with Grandpa, which he enjoys.
She's very conscious of her health and goes to the gym right now for "boxing."
She enjoys shopping and goes shopping when she has time.
Her schedule is very full of activities.
She goes sight-seeing in Massachusetts--like to Vermont and Cape Cod. She loves to drive her car.
She plans to do some volunteer work and find a job that makes her feel fulfilled and necessary in this world.
She keeps in touch with her mom, dad, and Gram and Grandpa weekly or more often sometimes. That includes all grandparents who are living.
She is attending college working on her master's at Emerson University. She is working to put herself through college.
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Dad - Roger
I have to imagine you in a big city at an urban campus and living off campus in an apt.
Based on that I think about you taking three classes a week, various times and doing homework and class projects as part of the class requirements. In addition, when I think about what you are doing, your busy week includes therapy, spending time taking care of Homer, going out with new friends, dealing with car selling/buying issues. I know you spend time working out at your all ladies gym, spending some time with your roommates and going to the coffee shop. I know you spend some time going to a number of movies each month, the occasional concert is part of your overall routine as I envision you. I think you spend time doing work at the IT dept. and are spending time dealing with work issues. I believe work issues are a large part of your daily routine now as you struggle to figure out how to make money in ways that are relevant to who you are and want to become. So I believe you spend time looking for work and opportunities, both paid and unpaid to be part of your life.
I believe you spend time either eating or shopping for food. Because of your devotion to healthy eating and the vegetarian-eating regimen this takes a bit more effort than others might face. That's why I'm including this in your list of things you do.
I know you spend a lot of time talking to your support group; parents and friends. That is critical to your balance in life, as it is for all of us. I know you spend some time meeting new friends either through class or other campus projects and activities. I suspect you are mostly settled in but still have a bit more to do, and I know you have done at least a bit of sightseeing in the greater Mass. Area.
Lastly, I know you participate actively in the neighborhood gang you belong to where you regularly mug homeless people, steal from the elderly and disabled, molest grade school kids, occasionally break car windows and slash tires and mostly create real problems for high school kids with special needs. Those are the things where I am most proud of you because it takes a special person to seek out those types of people in society who need attention and I like the creative way you address that social need.
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Mom - Rise'
- Up early after getting to bed really late. Breakfast is oatmeal eaten enthusiastically with great concern for overall health.
- Hair groomed, teeth brushed, minimal make-up applied and relatively casual clothes are the choice for the day.
- Walk to the subway while talking to somebody on the cell phone only briefly, however, because daytime minutes are few.
- The subway ride is entertaining and Brittany takes note of various and sundry odd behaviors provided by the parade of mankind.
- Class is good, lecture is stimulating and Brittany takes advantage of every opportunity to learn.
- After class, she and a friend stop at the coffee shop and have lunch. Relationships are important and much time is devoted to their nurturing.
- Eats at the Veggie Planet whenever possible
- Off to the library or a bookstore for some good reading, either for class or for pleasure.
- She joins an experimental group of some kind to be a guinea pig for money.
- She spends an hour at the gym and works out vigorously. Very satisfying!
- A job interview takes part of the afternoon. She wants to do something meaningful!
- Back at the apartment, she tries to clean up the kitchen. She works a little bit on her room because it never seems to be like she wants it.
- There are papers to do and books to read and tests for which to prepare.
- A party is on the agenda for the evening and Brittany is happy to be spending time with new friends.
- Spends as much time as possible with Homer, her furry child...worries a little bit about cost of his care
- Emails/talks to/sends & receives cards from Dan, one of her very best friends and talks to Amanda, her best friend, and gets advice about many life issues