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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

K. McDonald
Virginia, USA



From my dad: David
Katie's college days;
1. Awakes from a night of restless sleep.
2. Engages in the morning routine which include organizing her books, worrying about thesis, worrying about tuition, going to cafeteria for breakfast, chatting with friends.
3. Goes to classes which consists of feminist studies, dance, women's philosphy, and art. May stop to read the school's newspaper.
4. Organizes the racial demonstraion that will help raise awareness of segregation volunterism.
5. Occassional baby sitting stints.
6. Saturday's sometimes involve the school's taxi service into town where the food court and market are popular destination.
7. Occassional trips to library
8. Goes to work
9. At the end of day cleans her room
10. Takes her plants to the dorm's kitchen where they may get some sun shine.
11.Laments the decline of her swans, decides to document it with film study.
Love Dad
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From my lil sis: Mia
Katie McDonald is currently serving her time as a senior at Hollins Universtiy, Third floor, Main. Here Katie wakes up early to have quiet time to herself.
As the day wears on Katie continues with her studies. When she's not in a womens studies class, its very probable to find her dancing. She would either be rehearsing Blaire's dance or in actual class. Or other times she'll be dancing to the beat of her own drum. She also dances with her small campanion Taloula.
Katie is found too with intellectuals her own age, such as Blaire and Emilia.They stray from moody, every now and then and stroll to Hollywood.Other times she may wander to th ecomic book store to fulfill her wicked obsession. Later she will read "The Last Man" as a means of procrastinating.
The most important way Katie spends her time is checking in with her family. As she chills in her room listening to music and imagining knew creations, she sets apart time to call, email, mail, and send pictures to us. She graces us with her interest in hometown happenings, and entertains us with events at Hollins.
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From my mom's mom: Marti
"I think that you do, this is like week days, school days. You reserve the weekends for fun, going out shopping, stuff like that. I picture you go out with your friends for lunch, in cute quaint shops. I think on school days you probably try to take your shower at night, so you can sleep as long as you can, then you go up and go have breakfast, and if you have classes you hurry and get to your classes. I think that you probably try to sleep as long as you can, as opposed to a person who gets up an hour earlier to meditate or watch the sunrise.
I don't know you? Who are you? You take good notes. Like your mom and me. Very interesting notes, and you pretty much got it. Like you don't have to go home and rewrite them. And then you probably schedule little study groups or projects. A lot of your time, I would say a good fifty percent is spent like you'd spend your normal life like you do at home, socializing, thinking up things that you do to help people enjoy life. I think you entertain in your room a little. You don't spend that much time on the phone. As far as dating or anything, I don't think that's a big priority that has to happen every week. You're natural about that, let it happen the way it happens.
With your family you try to talk to them on the phone at least once a week, dad and mom. Time on your computer, you spend a lot of time on your computer, and take notes on your computer.
I think that when you get in bed at night, you remember your family and everything and are a bit lonesome, and you think about everybody. That's about it.
Like reading for pleasure you spend some time every day, you try to do, and enjoy. When you go to bed at night you read a little bit if you have time. I think that your friends are really important to you. A good part of your day is organizing things you will do or are doing. That's a priority you care about your friends.
I wanted to come back with my paintbrush on my report of what you do.
All the creative things, and when you go shopping you go to the most unique places and buy the most unique things and then you're making all these things for you friends, like knitting, cards, art, and creative writing, I think you are a very creative artistic person and a very nice, loving, fair and generous friend. Love you.