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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Anya Lewin
Exeter UK
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Anya Lewin lives on the island of England in a small city called Exeter. The people who participated in this fun assignment are her mom Talli, her step father Raleigh, and her twin sister Yeshna who some people call Lara Odell. Talli and Raleigh live in Palm springs where you can find many beautiful fake waterfalls. Yeshna lives in Buffalo New York but she and Tunnuela still wake up at exactly the same time every day and night.
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Talli Ebin (mother):
The Anyabear wakes up early and takes off her sleepbear suit. She gets up from her warm bed with its down quilt and brushes her teeth, checking carefully to see that they have not become fangs as she slept. She dons her daybear suit, which disguises her a woman so as not to scare her students. She walks to the university along the X-rated river, watching the lovers fucking on the banks. Through beareyes she can see the water teeming with sperm trying to dart away from the pollutants that infest the moving water.
She gets to her office, where she is involved in writing syllabi, making art and talking to her friend Jane, who is not a bear. Sometimes she e-mails Lara, who may be becoming a bear with her. She teaches her classes, wishing the students were less involved in their quotidian lives and more interested in becoming bears, or perhaps gorillas or goldfish. She grades papers. She goes to the pub for lunch. She tries to tolerate stupid people.
She reads books; she talks on the phone; she tries not to eat wheat; she drives her car. She tries to see through her beareyes, to notice that which is invisible to "regular” people. Sometimes she succeeds. She plans to build another cave, to project large images on large buildings, to walk along the river and on the moors. She will befriend a wild pony, who will not be afraid of her, but who will show her the ways underground, into the mines where the dead Victorian children still survive. She will find a new way to love. She will go shopping.
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Raleigh Johnsen (step-father):
What does Anya do all day? Anya is employed as a teacher, I assume she teaches. I don't think the role as teacher defines her life, as the only defining term she has ever used with me is artist. I believe Anya the artist tirelessly scans the seemingly round contours of our existence looking for edges. ie: eccentricities, contradictions, un-observed consequences, etc. for subjects she can instantiate in her chosen medium. My interpretation of her Media is the creation or sly modification of graphics and videos to amplify her point. The founder of this Media has to be the first person who drew a moustache on the king's picture. I haven't a clue as to the process by which she does this.
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Yeshna (twin sister)
I am Yeshna, twin sister of Tunnuela, born 2 years apart. My twin and I live across the sea from each other. This saddens me. Once a day or once a month I ponder what it is that my twin Tunnuela is doing with her time.
I see that she is in the kitchen. She is wondering what to cook for dinner. It is hard to cook for one. Cooking is intended to be for many. Why waste a whole oven's energy on one potato? This situation leaves Tunnuela to be dependant on the microwave as her main cooking tool. With the microwave she can cook for one without feeling guilty of energy wasted. The microwave is a quarter the size of an oven. Tunnuela is enchanted by the foods which are reserved for one. An egg. One apple. A banana. A potato. However, a refrigerator is also very large and intended for a family. Not a single. I advise her to purchase a mini-refrigerator like the one I use. It is how you say "dormitory style." This way, you don't buy too much food because it won't all fit in the mini-refrigerator thus reducing the potential for wasted food.
Tunnuela really ponders a lot, so she must create a privacy for herself. She gets into cabinets and small unlikely spaces like that where no one can find her. When we were girls and the French psychoanalysts were after us for our capture, Tunnuela and I hid in the linens closet. Not even our mother could find us. Tunnuela also camouflaged us by wrapping me in a towel and her in a pillowcase. Then we put the cups and saucers … oh dear, I am getting off track again. Let's just say that if you can't find Tunnuela, she is probably in a cabinet or shoe-box.
Tunnuela is always conflicted by activities that are easy versus the things that take effort. Of course we all know that the things that take effort are the better and most rewarding in the end. However many things in life make Tunnuela tired and thus she resorts to the easy activity. I myself have this same problem. Life is always hard work and even relaxing can be considered work when you take into account all the labor that goes into setting up a nice area to relax in. First you need to clean and arrange your house. Or clean the bathtub. It does not clean itself. After the work comes the relaxation. Then you are done relaxing but there is more work to do. The dishes or the laundry or to the Post Office for example. Well I have gone on too much about this but basically I am saying that Tunnuela has desires that conflict with her intellect. I guess we all do. On the other hand Tunnuela gets many a thing done and complete but she must turn into a tornado to do it, which is very tiring.