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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Jocelyn Nevel
Albuquerque, New Mexico



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Brenda McCoy (first cousin):
Jocelyn spends her time with her dog, Onyx, working at the University teaching, experimenting with art and photography, and hiking or other sports activities. At the University, Jocelyn must set up class plans, do all of her own work to prepare for classes (like make copies, etc), meet with students to work one-on-one if there are questions or if they need help. In her own work on the side, she enters various shows around the country to display her creative work. She has sewn quilts with a great variety of unusual materials (using bras, hose, hair for a few examples). She also does creative work with photography in many different medias, which I am always interested in seeing! She likes to hike, windsurf, and do other outdoor activities for exercise and fun. She enjoys traveling and family is very important to her.
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Jeanne Nevel (mother):
What does Jocelyn do? She teaches her students, advises them on their work. She takes care of her house and yard. She feeds, walks, and loves her dog. She does art works for her career, shows them in galleries and museums traveling to those openings. She takes time to talk and visit with her friends and family. She spends a great deal of time on her computer doing web sites, applying for grants, upgrading her resume and other work. She cleans her house, entertains her guests and does her own cooking.
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Robert Nevel (father):
She awakes to let the "dog" "Onyx" out for his morning exercise. Following a careful breakfast she walks the dog and prepares for class.
She loads the car with the things of the day, and heads to UNM, prepares for classes and perhaps a cup of "Starbuck" to brighten the morning.
All the time she teaches she has thoughts about her next project. She creates things of interest and is consumed by them. Her inventiveness never ceases to amaze me. She finds objects or ideas that are unusual and new. To me she creates.
On other special days she might have a 20 mile or so bike ride. Its exercise and relaxing. A little time at the gym occasionally to keep fit.
The dog calls again and needs his exercise and some attention. Then turn on the computer, update her "web" site. in a few things on the wall, study prepare for tomorrow.
Maybe a treat of going out for dinner, perhaps a movie with friends, give a final walk to the dog and settle in for the night.