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Assignment #35
Ask your family to describe what you do.

Marina Sossi
Frome, UK



Monica Sossi (Mum)
Marina works hard, and plays hard when she gets the chance. She is a great organiser and is able to bring out the best in people. Marina never compromises her principles and aspirations. Marina teaches yoga and is able to cope with all abilities. She is an actor waiting to be discovered. Marina inspires people. Marina is a great storyteller. She has many characters and always dresses the part. She can hold her audience whether children or adults. Marina is very good with children whether teaching or entertaining them. Marina looks after herself and is fit and healthy. She is a good cook and also good doing hair and makeup. She is also good at sewing, particularly by hand. Marina does not suffer fools gladly. Marina has a great imagination and can create all kinds of scenery and costumes.(can't think of the right word). Marina is a doer.
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Roberta Sossi (Sister)
Marina is a multi-skilled performer, teacher and director and writer. Key skills are Yoga teacher - qualified, actor/performer, storyteller, director, writer, singer, producer. She applies herself in a variety of different environments: education/schools, charity, commercial theatre, independent theatre, Theatre, music venues. Although she is highly engaging as an individual performer, I believe she thrives on working with individuals who are an 'unknown quantity'; people who possess the raw materials + the enthusiams/energy to apply themselves to the task in hand. Highly disaplined she is very effective in devising structure to the creative process in order to be able to achieve the desired output successfully in whatever timeframe has been set.
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Ginevra Nason (Sister)
Marina is a performer. She is a theatre director and actress, who tours her own productions at home and abroard. She also runs a youth theatre group. She is also a teacher of yoga and drama. She is also involved with a charity called P.A.C. She is a DJ on local radio. She is a superb wedding planner