Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Rochester, New York USA



Recent Argument (in three days)
Day One
DAVID: Hey, did you hear Roy Scheider died?
ME: Oh no. He did? What movie did I see him in recently?
DAVID: Jaws?
ME: No. it was something more recent. He was in Alien wasn't he?
DAVID: I don't think so.
ME: Yeah, he was.
DAVID: Roy Scheider? Who was he?
ME: I don't know. He was one of the crew.
DAVID: You're thinking of John Hurt.
ME: John Hurt was in Alien?
ME: No, it wasn't John Hurt. I know who John Hurt is. He was somebody else in the crew. I'm pretty sure.
DAVID: Roy Scheider was not in Alien. Was he the guy from Lord of the Rings? The cyborg?
ME: No. That was Ian Holm. Was he a cyborg or an android?
DAVID: He was a cyborg.
ME: No, it wasn't him.
DAVID: Was he black?
ME: David, I know who Roy Scheider is.
DAVID: I don't think you do. 'Cause he wasn't in Alien.
ME: Well, maybe not, but it was somebody. Oh, you know who I was thinking of? Sigourney Weaver.
DAVID: Sigourney Weaver? Yeah Sigourney Weaver looks just like Roy Scheider.
ME: Ok, You're right. It wasn't Sigourney Weaver. And it wasn't Roy Scheider. But there was a guy - what the hell was his name? He was in Paris, Texas.
DAVID: Never saw it.
ME: He was the father in Pretty in Pink.
DAVID: I don't watch those kinds of movies.
ME: Yeah, but you don't know who I'm talking about?
DAVID: I have no idea.
ME: Now it's going to drive me crazy. What the hell was his name?
DAVID: Well, what else was he in?
ME: I can't think of anything.
DAVID: Maybe you just made him up.
ME: I didn't make him up.
Day Two
ME: Last night, just before I went to sleep, I suddenly remembered the name of that guy from Alien.
DAVID: Oh yeah?
ME: Harry Dean Stanton.
DAVID: He wasn't in Alien!
ME: What are you talking about? Yes, he was!
DAVID: The guy who was in that show with Scott Bakula? He was not in Alien.
ME: Dang it. I really thought I had it. I could have sworn.
DAVID: Quantum Leap. You're talking about the guy from Quantum Leap. He was not in Alien.
Day Three
ME: Ok. So I went home and I put in my copy of Paris, Texas. And it's Dean Stockwell that was in Quantum Leap. Actually, both Dean Stockwell and Harry Dean Stanton were in Paris, Texas.
DAVID: You know, I think Harry Dean Stanton was in Alien.
ME: See, this is what happens when I doubt myself. I should never doubt myself. Because I was right and you were wrong.
DAVID: Congratulations.