Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Jennifer Jackson
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA



(I'm driving back to my office on Campbells Run Road after lunch at Moe's with Julia and Holden. Julia is in the front passenger seat; Holden is in the back behind Julia. Julia and Holden are smoking; all of us are sipping our to-go cups of pop. We come to a stop in a line of traffic waiting for the flagger in a construction zone to give us the go-ahead.)
Julia: Maddie didn't eat her chewie today. When I got home, she brought it back upstairs, and she didn't eat her breakfast until 10.
Jen: Maybe her tummy is upset.
Julia: Paige burped in my face today, it was so bad, I dry heaved.
Jen: I think Paige is eating poop again.
Julia: Ewww...I think there's something you can put on their food to make them stop doing that.
Jen: Yeah, Tabasco.
Julia: But will they still eat the food?
Jen: I dunno.
Julia: I think there's something you can buy.
Jen: Well, if you want to, we can look for it at Petsmart this weekend.
Julia: I won't be there.
Jen: If you're making me miserable on Friday night and Saturday night, I'm making you miserable on Saturday morning.
Julia: It will have to be at like 7 o'clock.
Jen: Fine.
Julia: I'm leaving at like 9, and I'm not going to Petsmart with green hair. I'll have to come home and get ready.
Jen: Ok.
Julia: I don't know why you can't take them by yourself. I do it every weekend.
Jen: You're never home on the weekends.
Julia: I pick them up almost every Saturday by myself.
Jen: Fine.
Julia: Why do you always start something?
Jen: Me?
Julia: You're being a bitch, I'll be a bitch.
Jen: Then you can get out of the car and walk to your car.
Julia: Then you can give me gas money for coming out here to meet you for lunch.
(Short pause; traffic starts up again.)
Julia: I don't know why you can't walk both of them, they'll help you. They ask me if I want them to bring one of them out, but I always say I can handle it, you should say, "No, I can't handle it." Even when Holden comes with me, I take both of them.
Jen: Why?
Julia: Maybe you should start practice walking both of them. Every night, take a five minute walk.
Jen: I get nervous because Maddie got loose that time in the parking lot.
Julia: Use their harnesses; they can't pull out of them.
(Another pause.)
Jen: You know that web site Learning To Love You More that gives assignments, list things from 1984...
Julia: Yeah.
Jen: One of the assignments is to transcribe a recent argument.
Julia: Are you going to do this one?
Jen: Yeah. (In a mocking tone) "You have to give me gas money for meeting you for lunch."
Julia: (Also mocking) Make sure you include "Get out of the car and walk."