Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Dee and Olly
Newcastle Upon Tyne, ENGLAND



D: I'm really hungry.
O: Aye, me too like, might go and get some beans from Somerfield.
D: Cool
D: I don't think I got anything in.
O(Pauses and keeps looking at computer screen): Hm?
D: Nothing.
O(After a pause, stands up and kisses D): Okay, I'm off- Your friend's coming round in a bit anyways and I'm going riding.
D: Aye. Are you making us something to eat?
O: You said you didn't have anything!
D: Oh okay then, go home.
O: Why are you angry?
D; Well.you could make me some beans on toast...
O: Is that why you're angry? Because of beans on toast?
D: Yes, I told you got nothing in the house to eat and 40 p in my wallet.
O: Well, sorry, I didn't think know, come to mine to have some beans on toast then.
D: I'm not coming now, you didn't ask me before, so obviously you don't want me to.
O: Come OOOOOON! Then don't come like!
D: You see, you suck.
O: Is this really because of the beans on toast?
D: No, it's because next time it's gonna be something more important and you're gonna suck again.
O: What more important, like egg on toast ( laughs)
D(laughs with slight irrational tears in her eyes): No. well, go on home then.
O: Do you wanna come and have beans? But you know I'll be shooting off to the skatepark straight after that.
D(considers): No, I'm not coming. Why don't you stay.
O: Well, Your friend's coming in a bit anyways, you want me to hang about while he's here?
D: You never do, you haven't met any of my friends.
O: Yes I have , I met that Kev dude...
D: You didn't have a choice then.
O: Aaaand, i've met Woody, at that gig, or was it the other guy...
D: Fsdfghkazuftasgf#######s!! Go on then, go home.
O: See you tomorrow?
D: Maybe not.
O: Really?
D: Yes.
O(serious): Do you really wanna make this bed, cause you're gonna have to lie in it. You won't see me?
D(silently stares at him trying to make out whether she hates him or loves him too much).
O(softens up): Really? Come on, all this over some beans on toast????
D(after a short pause): No.
O: Okay then, see ya later baby, what time do you finish work tomorrow?
D: At 8.
O: Not too bad, I'll come round yeah?
D: Cool, see ya later baby.