Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Rachel Davis
Media, Pennsylvania USA



Chris: Rachie!
Me: Hey ..gah. I'm so tired..
Chris: Yeah, I know. My day was so boring .. (comes over to give me a quick neck massage)
Me: So..anyway..I have --
Mom: Rachel! What's going on up there..are you still doing your homework? You're always tired at school. Don't let Chris distract you.
Me: (under breath) *sigh* Whatever..my neck is tight. Chris is just giving me a neck massage.
Mom: (comes up stairs) Listen, Chris, Rachel needs to get her work done. No more socializing.
Chris: (continues to massage my tense neck) Why is this distracting? I'm freaking just giving her a massage!
Mom: Excuse me? Rachel has been tired all day. She still has homework. You need to go downstairs.
Chris: You need to chill out.
Me: Okay, Chris, I have homework to do now. Thanks for the massage anyway..
Mom: Chris, you were very disrespectful to me earlier and I don't appreciate it. I already get enough from your Dad so I don't need any from you.
Chris: How was I disrespectful? All I said was that I was giving Rachel a massage and you're freaking out for nothing.
Mom: No, I'm not! Earlier, you said something, I forget, and it was disrespectful. You're not carrying your weight around here anymore, Chris. You need to do more around the house and be more respectful to me and Dad.
Chris: I was not disrespectful to you or Dad, so I don't know what you're talking about but whatever..I'll leave.
Me: I need to do my homework now, can you both please leave?
Mom: Oh, by the way, you can't go to the Dave Matthews concert, Rachel. Dad and I agreed you can't go because you've got SATs to worry about and you need to be Making money, not Spending it. Okay? NO concert. It's not necessary.
Me: What?! Are you serious? My ap exams are over by then and SATs aren't that bad..one night isn't going to ruin my homework and studying habits and I'm going to be with friends anyway. What's the big deal?
Mom: The big deal is that you have money to earn! How do suppose you going to pay for you summer art school?! I'm not paying for it. You need to get your things together Rachel and start to make money. As soon as possible. And get out of my room; I'm going to bed now. Study somewhere else.
Me: Fine, whatever. I'll leave and study in the bathroom.
Mom: And go make your lunch too. And oh, by the way? You're getting the bus tomorrow morning. I'm not driving you. Get the bus. Don't miss it.
Me: ohhh...great. The bus. Fine. Fine...I'll get the bus.
Mom: Don't forget to pack your snacks.
Me: Whatever.
Mom: Snacks, Rachel! And the bus. Don't miss it.
Me: (heading to bathroom) Go away!!!