Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Winnipeg, Manitoba CANADA



HER: Don't just leave your shoes in the doorway. Do you know what a mess I'll make when I fall with all these groceries?
HIM: It can't be any worse than the mess you left in the bathroom this morning.
HER: I don't get it, whatever. Get outta my way.
Arms full, she pushed past him and walks into the kitchen. He follows closely behind.
HIM: Did we buy cheese?
HER: Mmmhmm. What movies did we rent again?
HIM: Rocky.
HER: And?
HIM: Rocky 3 and 4.
HER: Why don't I remember that?
HIM: You were putting Mona Lisa Smile back on the shelf.
At this point she drops her grocery bags and begins rummaging through his, looking for the movie rentals. She pulls out a copy of Mona Lisa Smile.
HER: We'll watch Tori as the wedding singer first.
HIM: So that I can watch Rocky alone after you've passed out...?
HER: You're supposed to enjoy my company. That's why we're choosing to stay in tonight to enjoy each other's company.
HIM: Something like that. Do we have cheese? Can we make nachos?
HER: Yeah whatever - no beans for you.
They begin preparing fixings for nachos. He is cooking something on the stove.
HER: Whatcha cooking?
HIM: Chicken, why?
HER: No reason. Let me assemble our food, you can help if you want.
HIM: You're a control freak. You do your half, I'll do mine.
She draws an invisible line dividing the baking sheet.
HER: Aren't you allergic to tomatoes anyway?
HIM: "No."
They begin arranging taco chips, cheese, and chopped veggies. He begins dropping pieces of cooked chicken randomly on their meal.
HER: Oh my god. What are you doing? That is so vile. Look at that!
HIM: What?
HER: The chicken, it's gonna contaminate my food.
HIM: Chicken. Cooked. Dead. No Legs. No more running.
HER: You can't possibly know that.