Learning To Love You More




Assignment #37
Write down a recent argument.

Toronto, Ontario CANADA



[Argument starts in a burrito restaurant on a crowded Sunday afternoon when the staff are clearly overwhelmed with orders. We are very hungry and our food is late.]
Me: So I was chatting to Josephine at the opening yesterday. She said that if she starts working for you she will probably stop working for Madeleine.
Scott: Oh really.
Me: Did you know about that? She said she might be moving into a live/work space where the rent's defined by income. So she wouldn't want both jobs anyway.
Scott: Huh.
Me: Well, did she say anything to you?
Scott: Josephine needs to keep her mouth shut.
Me: Oh really? Maybe your wife needs to keep her fucking mouth shut.
Scott: Silence
Me: Jesus. It's too hot in here. I'm going to wait outside.
[Goes outside and stomps around looking into shop windows and muttering under her breath.]
[10 minutes later, in the car eating]
Scott: I didn't mean that you had done anything wrong.
Me: Look, I was only trying to make conversation with your co-worker. Josephine knows we're married. This is hardly top secret stuff, is it?
Scott: Actually, it's pretty sensitive. It's a very political situation. Josephine needs to be more careful. If this doesn't work out then Madeleine will get the impression that she doesn't want to work for her.
Me: Is that such a big deal? I mean people move around in organizations the whole time.
Scott: I'm just saying, it's political. This kind of talk makes me really uncomfortable.
Me: Being with you is really a bundle of fun.
Scott: Silence.
Me [Turns on radio, starts to drive].
[10 minutes later]
Radio announcer: It's time to chill out in the big city.
Me: Yes it is.
Scott: Silence.
[Several hours later, at home. Scott is cooking dinner.]
Me: Sorry I was so grumpy earlier. Guess I'm feeling a bit stressed out with my job situation and all.
[Nuzzles against him from behind.]
Scott: Realy? I hadn't noticed. Maybe I was distracted thinking up ways you were going to make it up to me.